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How can I join?

Equity is the UK trade union that represents performers and other artists working across the live and recorded entertainment industry.  Our membership is made up of all kinds of performers and creative people such as:

  • actors,
  • choreographers,
  • dancers,
  • models,
  • singers,
  • stage management,
  • storytellers, 
  • stunt performers and co-ordinators,
  • theatre designers and directors,
  • theatre fight directors, 
  • TV and radio presenters, 
  • variety, circus, cabaret and light entertainment artists,
  • voice artists, 
  • walk-on and supporting artists. 

We welcome into Equity anyone who is currently working professionally in any of these, and other areas. 

To join Equity we need to see proof of professional engagements in the following areas of work done.  You need to complete an application form and return it along with a copy of your most recent contract(s) and the entrance fee and subscription. In all cases we need to see copies of your contract(s), pay slips or other proof of your engagement(s).  If you have these you can join now.

Theatre Performers or Stage Management 

  • As performer or stage management in all forms of theatre.     
  • As a singer engaged by an opera company as a chorister, principal singer or guest artist. 
  • As a dancer with a ballet or dance company. 

Theatre Designers , Designers and Choreographers

  • All kinds of paid, professional work in live and /or recorded media 


  • As a concert, session, choral or pop singer. 

Television, Film, Commercials and Radio 

  • As a performer employed on the relevant Equity contract. 
  • As a presenter on television or radio. 
  • If you are working as a featured  or voice artist in tv, film, commercials, radio, internet or other audiovisual  or recorded media not listed above, then you should call our helpdesks on 020 7670 0247/ 020 7670 0248 as you may be able to join Equity if your work is covered by our Guidelines. 

Walk-on, supporting or background artist

  • If you can show evidence of at least six days’ work on Equity contracts within a 12 month period. 
  • NB: Please note that our contracts for walk-on, background and supporting artists do not include work on cinema films or independent television productions filmed within a 40 mile radius of Charing Cross in London as these are covered by the FAA.  Therefore, unfortunately we cannot accept walk-on work on these types of productions as a way of joining Equity. 


  • As a catwalk, photographic or other professional model. 

Variety, Light Entertainment and Circus 

  • As an artist who usually does short term engagements or gigs in clubs. festivals, street, pubs, cabaret, storytelling etc, we need to see contractual evidence (pay slips, confirmations, printed emails, etc) of four gigs from within the last 12 months plus one forthcoming booking.
  • As an artist working on a long term engagement  such as on a cruise ship, in a theme park, a circus or  holiday centre etc.
  • As a UK dancer engaged in a cabaret floorshow or a dance troupe or group either in the UK or overseas or on a cruise ship.

Theatre Fight Director, Stunt Performers and Co-ordinators

  • For these highly specialised areas of work there are extra criteria in order to join Equity.  More information about these is available from any of our offices.

Work from outside the UK?

  • If you have worked professionally overseas and can provide proof of your employment together or membership of a FIA affiliated union overseas then you are eligible for Equity membership.   


  • If you are on a higher or further education course (NQF level 2 or above) lasting one year or more which is preparing you for work creatively in the entertainment industry as any kind of performer, stage management, theatre designer, theatre director, choreographer, or professional broadcaster, you can become an Equity Student Member as soon as you start your course.
  • If this is your situation you can join now.
  • The exceptions to this are GCSEs and  A Levels.


If you are a student on one of the following courses we will be happy to take you into full Equity membership as soon as you graduate without you having to provide contractual proof of of professional  work within the entertainment industry.  Please note that to take advantage of this graduate entry scheme you must apply within 12 months of graduating.  If this is your situation you can join now.

  • CDS (Conference of Drama Schools) vocational courses
  • CDET (Council for Dance Education and Training) accredited schools
  • Singing courses at Music Conservatoires
  • Theatre Design courses (full-time)
  • Royal Academy of Music’s Musical Theatre course.

In the UK for a specific job?

  • If you are coming to work on in the UK for a specific professional engagement you can take out membership to cover you while you are here.   More details about this are available from any Equity office.

 Area of Work Not Listed?

  • Please contact any of our offices or helpdesks to discuss your individual circumstances as you still may be able to join.