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Special Attention list

Please check regularly

Members are instructed in their own interests to consult the Equity office before accepting engagements with or through any of the names on this list. Individuals or companies may feature on this list for a number of different reasons. We are NOT advising members not to work or enter into any form of contract with parties referred to on this listing. We do recommend that members contact Equity for further advice should you consider taking up an opportunity of employment with anyone listed here. 

RECENTLY ADDED: Abby Wilson – SET Theatre Company. Naila Mughal – Virgo Entertainment Limited, Denis Stevenson: Bugle Boy Productions Ltd, Michael Jago:19th Hole Hospitality Ltd, John Paul James: Lolfa Lounge, Matthew Hampson: M&M Associate Productions Limited, Vanessa Beamont: Christopher Beamont, Maggie Montieth: BITT Film Company Ltd, Mark Turner Turnstone Casting 


 A   Actors Inc (Real Creatives, Marco Rasala) (1), ADP Entertainments (David Hunter), Agency L’Image (Jonathan Sands), Allied Artists Management (Andy Grover),  A M Artists (Ann Molloy), And Action Management (Alan Elliott),  Anglo Artists Management/Anglo Americor Ltd (Michael Van Rindt),Robin Answych (Briarcom Ltd), Arena Promotions Ltd (2).
 B  James Balfour (3), Bruce Benson Associates Ltd, Berry London Associates Ltd (Ceri Berry),  Briarcom Ltd (Robin Answych), Paul Bridgewood (Xtabi Entertainments), Buchanans (17).
 C  CADS Management (Terry Smith), Maurizio Caroldi, Celebrity Marketing (Roland Mowlam), Alan Chamberlain, Dee Christopholous (Millennium).
 D   Patrick Duncan (Dealers Agency).
 E   Alan Elliott (And Action Management).
 G   Geoff Gibbons (Nightfall Entertainments), Jo Gilbert Associates (JGA Theatrical International), Peter Graham Associates (4), Reid Graham (Heavies Casting), Andy Grover (Allied Artists Management).
 H   Sally Harrison Management (5), Heals Entertainment (Philipa Sage), Rob Holloway, Mark Hudson Associates (6), David Hunter (ADP Entertainments), Fran Hurley.
 J   Jukes Entertainment Agency, JGA Theatrical International (Jo Gilbert Associates).
 L   Robert Lang Associates; Robert Lyndsey-Wilson (Gold Agency).
 M   Millennium (Dee Christopholous, Jacqueline Whelan)(7), Ann Molloy (A M Artists), Monsters Agency (Mervyn Webb), Roland Mowlam (Celebrity Marketing).
 N   Nightfall Entertainments (Geoff Gibbons).
 O   Ordinary People Ltd (Sarah Robbie).
 R   Malcolm Rae Associates, Marco Rasala (Actors Inc. Real Creatives), Patrick Rimmel (RP Management), Michael Van Rindt (aka Anglo Artists Management/Anglo Americor Ltd), Sarah Robbie (Ordinary People Ltd).
 S   Philipa Sage (Heals Entertainment),  Jonathan Sands (Agency L’Image),   Terry Smith (CADS Management), 
 T   Peter Talbot Agency (8). Mark Turner Turnstone Casting 
 W   Mervyn Webb (Monsters Agency),Jacqueline Whelan (Millennium).
 X   Xtabi Entertainments (Paul Bridgewood).

 A   Shona Adams (Juliet Adams Agency), Tony Adams trading as Secret Circus, William Adkins (Williams Organisation). Mick Appleyard (Appleyard Entertainment) AKA Michael Durber
 B   Kevin Bearne aka Cefn De Bearne (Labyrinth Productions), Antony Bishop (Entertainment In Business). Vanessa Beamont – Christopher Beamont 
 C   Capital VIP‚ÄąGroup, Scotty Clark trading as Clark Sutherland Arts & Entertainments,  Karen Lesley Clarke – Williams Organisation, Steve Cox—Pizzazz Productions, Crazy Horses Entertainment (Martin Marhall), Richard Curson (Tangible Media Limited).
 D   Ray Dalton (Excel Entertainments). D4M Limited (Julia Charles). Michael Durber AKA Mick Appleyard (Appleyard Entertainment). Dean Pomoroy 
 E   Elchris Group (Gary Lawler). Entertainment In Business (Antony Bishop), Excel Entertainment  (Ray Dalton). EUB2B Limited
 F   Fish Out Of Water Restaurant ,Mr &  Mrs Melville.
 G   Mark Greenhouse (Wendy House Productions), Roy Gurvitz (Lost Vagueness Limited).
 H   Hanover Concert Promotions (Patrick Mulvaney), Barry Hawkins, Fran Hurley, Gerald Leslie Hemming (Hemmings Leisure).
 J  Kerry Jacks (The White Lion, Swandlicote), Helen John trading as Kidz Want Fun, Don Jones Organisation (9). Julia Charles  (D4M Limited). Michael Jago – 19th Hole Hospitality Ltd. John Paul James – Lolfa lounge
 K   Kidz Want Fun (Helen Jon), Phil Knight (Street Leisure Ltd)
 I  Tommy Laughton, Labyrinth Productions (Kevin Bearne aka Cefn De Bearne), Rochelle Leader (Top Hat International), Lost Vagueness Limited – Roy Gurvitz. Gary Lawler (Elchris Group)
 M   Martin Marshall (Crazy Horses Entertainment Consultants), Mr and Mrs Melville (The Fish Out Of Water Restaurant), Patrick Mulvaney (Hanover Concert Promotions), Gabriel Bauza Munar (Ponsa Espectaculos). Mr John Lowe (SJK Enterprises Ltd)
   New Time Entertainment Ltd — Cyprus (Panos Gerou)
 O   Oliver Barton Entertainments & Productions (Michael Slater, Stan Smith (10)).
 P   Pizzazz Productions -Steve Cox, Ponsa Espectaculos (Gabriel Bauza Munar). Panos Gerou (New Time Entertainment Ltd — Cyprus). Peter Snee - Yorkshire’s Magical Winterland 2014 Ltd 
 R  Paul Randall (Rainbow Entertainments) (11), Warren Rix
 S   Secret Circus (Tony Adams), Michael Slater—Oliver Barton Entertainments & Productions, Stan Smith (10), Soho Set Dance Revue (Tony Sharman), Street Leisure Ltd (Phil Knight). SJK Enterprises Ltd (Mr John Lowe).       
 T   Tangible Media Ltd– Richard Curson, Top Hat International – Rochelle Leader.
 U   Untouched Entertainments – Marc Williams and Janine Wright.
 W   Alistair Watts Entertainment, Wendy House Productions (Mark Greenhouse), White Lion, Swandlicote (Kerry Jacks), Williams Organisation (William Adkins and Karen Lesley Clarke), Marc Williams and Janine Wright – Untouched Entertainments.

A   Adrian Monahan (Stage Works Theatre Company), Abby Wilson – SET Theatre Company
B   BAF Productions (Sarah Jane Worrell and Ian Worell); Peter Baldwin (Theatrical Productions Ltd) (12), Big Little Productions Ltd, Graham Bodman — Northwick Theatre. Jayson Alexander Bartlett, Blue Genie Entertainment Ltd (Gary Telfer). Vanessa Beamont – Christopher Beamont 
C   Michael Coffman (West Midlands Children’s Theatre Company).
D  Danny Davies Productions Ltd (13), Sally Davies (Khoros Productions Ltd) (14). Ian Dickens (Ian Dickens Productions Ltd). 
F  Terry Finnegan (Terry Finnegan Productions). Carole Le Foll and Nowell Wallace (Sudden Productions and Rough Edges Productions). Henry Filloux-Bennett, Stephen James Makin, Le Nez Productions Ltd
G  Gary Telfer – Blue Genie Entertainment Ltd
H Bryan Hands Productions Ltd,  Hierographics Productions Co Ltd, Mike Hobman. Matthew Hampson – M&M Associate Productions Limited
Tommy Iwering (Piccadilly Productions), Brian Izzard (Knaveacre Productions).

J  Andrew Jenkins and Paddy Wilson (One for the Road). JGA Theatrical International. Michael Jago – 19th Hole Hospitality Ltd. John Paul James – Lolfa Lounge
K  Robert Kennedy, FA Ketcher (Quick Tour Ltd), Khoros Productions Ltd (Sally Davis & Sylvia Swann) (14), Knaveacre Productions (Brian Izzard).
L Stephen Leatherland & Karie Musson (Standing Ovations Ltd, Theatremaster Ltd, Theatre 1st Ltd), Le Nez Productions Henry Filloux-Bennett
M  Minera Productions (Michael Tye-Walker), Graham Mulvein (Graham Mulvein Holdings Ltd). Karie Musson & Stephen Leatherland (Standing Ovations Ltd, Theatremaster Ltd, Theatre 1st Ltd).
O  One for the Road (Paddy Wilson and Andrew Jenkins).
N  Northwick Theatre (Graham Bodman).
P  Piccadilly Productions (Tommy Iwering). Pantomime Partnership Ltd 
Q  Quick Tour Ltd (F A Ketcher).
R  Stephen Rayne (Shakespeare UK), John Redgrave. Richard Temple (Richard Temple Ltd). Reckless Entertainment LTD.
S  Shakespeare UK (Stephen Rayne), Sylvia Swann (Khoros Productions Ltd Sally Davis) (14). Street of Dreams Ltd. Denis Stevenson – Bugle Boy Productions Ltd. 
T  Terry Finnegan Productions, Theatrical Productions Ltd (Peter Baldwin) (12), Michael Tye-Walker (Minera Productions).
W  West Midlands Children’s Theatre Company (Michael Coffman), Sarah Jane Worrell and Ian Worrell (BAF Productions). Paddy Wilson and Andrew Jenkins (One for the Road Ltd).
Nowell Wallace & Carole Le Foll (Sudden Productions and Rough Edges Productions)


B  BITT Film Company  Ltd - Maggie Montieth
 C  Chancery Lane Films Ltd (Joseph Brooks), Communication Interlink Ltd (Simon McCarthy).
 D  Philip D Deighton (Spectacular Sounds Ltd). Deene Naz (Summertime Pictures)
 H   Barrie Hawkins.
 I   Liberations Productions (Warren Bader).
 M   Simon McCarthy (Communication Interlink Ltd), Alan Macdonald, Mapleton Films Ltd, Mercury Films And Video, John Mortimer Video Promotions (15). Maggie Montieth – BITT Film Company  Ltd 
N   Naila Mughal – Virgo Entertainment Limited   
 P   Palm Tree Production Ltd (Robbie Moffat).
 R   Robbie Moffat (Palm Tree Production Ltd).
 S   Spectacular Sounds Ltd (Philip D Deighton), Stuart and Graham Productions.
 T   Talisman Productions Ltd (16), TVE Productions Ltd – Richard Bednall.
 V   Virgo Entertainment Limited - Naila Mughal 

(1)    no connection with
(2)    not Arena Touring Theatre Ltd or Arena Personal Management Ltd
(3)    not James Balfour, an Equity member in good standing
(4)    not Graham Associates of West Yorkshire
(5)    not Sally Harrison, an Equity member in good standing
(6)    not Mark Hudson, an Equity member in good standing
(7)    not Millennium Actors Agency Personal Management
(8)    not Peter Talbot of the Rude Mechanical Theatre Company
(9)    not Donald Jones, an Equity member in good standing, or Don Jones of Bridie Reid and Don Jones  Agency or Don Jones Management
(10)  not Stan Smith of Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency
(11)   not Rainbow Management of Old Colywn, North Wales
(12)  not Peter Baldwin, an Equity member in good standing
(13)  not Danny Davies of PirateManagement
(14)  not Sally Davies, an Equity member in good standing
(15)  not John Mortimer, an Equity member in good standing
(16)  not Talisman Films Limited and not Jason Karl of Talisman Television Productions Ltd
(17)  not Bronia Buchanan of Buchanan Associates, London

Individuals or companies may feature on this list for a number of different reasons. There may be outstanding civil proceedings or failure to accord to the terms and conditions of our Equity agreements. We are NOT advising members not to work or enter into any form of contract with parties referred to on this listing. We do recommend that members contact Equity for further advice should you consider taking up an opportunity of employment with anyone listed here.