TV credits

8 November 2011


Former BBC 1 Controller Lorraine Heggessey says: "Nobody reads them but actors and their mothers". Comedian David Mitchell  disagrees and says: "They are there out of respect for people who made the programme and viewers quite like them."

 What are they talking about? TV credits of course.

 Equity believes that for performers credits are crucial. They associate you with the work you have helped to create and they advertise your skills to potential employers.

 But the broadcasters think they have to tell viewers what is on next immediately the last word in the programme they are watching has been said or you will turn over to another channel.

 But what do you think? Equity has published a two-minute survey for Equity members but, more importantly, members of the public to let us know what they think.

 Please complete the survey yourself and ask your family, friends and work-mates to complete it. The broadcasters will be persuaded to change the way they roll the credits only if they believe it does them more harm than good in the eyes of the audience.

 Sign the petition at: Watch David Mitchell on TV credits:

 Thank you for supporting this campaign.

 Christine Payne

General Secretary

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