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Our Members

The Starlight Variety Show

 My name is Michael Johns,  reading the News letter you wanted people to introduce themselves  and what we are getting up to. Well my wife and I put on variety shows called The Starlight Variety Show, for the young at heart here in Cannock. Its a great afternoon with a two course meal plus coffee and tea, then a full variety show. Doors open 12pm and finish at 3.45 pm. We also donate part of our monies to a local charity.

My wife and I  also take the show out on tour,  sometimes we included the two course meal or without, its what ever the clients who book us want.  As you may recall a few years ago acts could learn their trade through clubs, small night clubs etc. we wanted to give new and older acts the chance to work in this wonderful business like it used to be, and also what the public wanted and were asking for.

Not all this so called entertainment we now get on TV , such as reality TV panel games etc.  

all the very best to you 
many thanks Mike and Carol Johns


Finger and Thumb Theatre

I only recently moved to Birmingham, and got your fantastic newsletter the other day (after a trip to perform in Finland). I am responding to your request for members to tell you about themselves – so, briefly, I was born in Gateshead, lived in Africa for 18 years, London for ten and then cruised on a boat for three years before settling on Brum. I have been a puppeteer all my life, but also trained as an actor and opera singer, before turning my talents to hand shadow work.

I perform in a wide variety of spaces, including theatres, festivals, schools, private parties and cabarets.

My website has more detail below. I hope I can make it to a meeting sometime! 

Best wishes Drew Colby
Artistic Director, Finger and Thumb Theatre

Visit our website: www.fingerandthumbtheatre.com


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