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Whiteladies Picture House Architectural Concept Artwork Complete

8 February 2014



Just a quick update on our recent visit to Jonathan Lees Architects this week to see the results of all their hard work over the last few months.

Wide view_lo res

 We were really blown away by the amount of attention to detail in the 25 additional 3D architectural plans which have been completed, in addition to the 3 pen and ink drawings commissioned for the Kickstarter campaign of the Exterior (pictured below), Foyer and Auditorium. This represents 100s of hours of work and, although it has taken longer than hoped, we think they were well worth the wait.

Continue reading this article at: www.whiteladies-picturehouse.com/2014/02/08/wlph-artwork-complete/

Our branch's summary of the Whiteladies Picture House campaign can be found here: www.equity.org.uk/branches/bristol-west-general-branch/present-and-past-campaigns/campaign-whiteladies-picture-house/

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