Equity Deputy Handbook 2013

18 November 2013

Sample Docs - 220kb PDF

An Equity Deputy (sometimes referred to as Equity Dep) is the face of the union in theatres, studios and anywhere else Equity members are working. The Deputy is the union representative for the company they are working with.

Gmail - Equity emails as 'Promotions'

17 October 2013

Sample Docs - 54kb DOC

Gmail are sorting emails into categories without consultation.
Equity therefore likely to be in 'Promotions & not Personal'
Document on how to change it

Oct Newsletter & Sept minutes

1 October 2013

Sample Docs - 1267kb PDF

Branch newsletter for Oct & sept minutes with the engaging Paul Clayon & the corporate world of roleplay

N & E London - Sept Newsletter & August Minutes

2 September 2013

Sample Docs - 1493kb PDF

Sept Newsletter & August minutes with speaker Nic Jones on Audio Books

N & E London - July Newsletter & Minutes

3 July 2013

Sample Docs - 1292kb PDF

Branch newsletter & minutes from great meeting with West End Organiser Virginia Wilde.

N & E London - June Newsletter & Minutes

27 May 2013

Sample Docs - 1090kb PDF

Summary of great meeting with Martin Brown on 'My Theatre Matters' campaign & how as a branch we can influence council decisions for 2014

London Area Annual General Meeting 2013

24 April 2013

General - 73kb PDF

Minutes of the London Area Annual General Meeting held
Wednesday 6 March 2013 at 1.30 at The Soho Theatre.

Final Settlement For New West End Agreement April 2013

18 April 2013

Newsletters - 54kb PDF

Final Settlement For New West End Agreement April 2013

Artists Declaration Form Part 1

2 April 2013

Sample Docs - 5242kb PDF

ADF agreed by Equity & IPA - Tim Gale (Commercials Organiser) would like to know if actors are seeing these documents.
Part 1 will be at 1st meeting
Part 2 should ONLY be issued at Recall - if asked to sign Part 2 at 1st meeting explain that IPA & Equity have agreed only to issue this at recall OR simply write 'refer to agent'

Artists Declaration Form Part 2

2 April 2013

Sample Docs - 40kb PDF

ADF - Agreement between Equity & IPA for UK commercial castings. Equity's Tim Gale would like to know if these are being issued at IPA commercial castings. Part 2 should ONLY be issued at RECALLS for commercials. Do not complete at 1st meeting & if asked to do so refuse & explain that Equity & IPA have agreed this form only OR alternatively just write 'refer to agent'.

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