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Committee & Contacts

Committee Contacts

Southeast Regional Organiser: John Ainslie,  jainslie@equity.org.uk 020 7670 0229 

Chair: Fiona Whitelaw, fwhitelaw@msn.com 07778585206

Secretary: Lizzie Holland, mail@eholland.plus.com

PR Officer: Paul Valentine, paulvalentine@hotmail.co.uk https://twitter.com/PaulValentine

Treasurer:  Jeff Kaplow, jkaplow@btinternet.com

Campaigns & T.U. Liaison: James Ivens, james.ivens@gmail.com 07858 179 780

Committee Member:  Judith Quin, equity.s.s.e.londonpr@gmail.com or heyjudeq@hotmail.com

Committee Member: Tigger Blaize, tiggerblaize@yahoo.co.uk

Committee Member: Kandy Rohann

Committee Member: Sarah Finigan

Equalities Officer: Vacancy 

Health and Safety Officer: Vacancy