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Yorkshire Ridings General Branch

Vibrant and busy local branches are an important part of Equity, giving members a voice in the union. All members and student members are welcome to come to the regular Branch meetings in their area to share views and experiences, discuss issues that are important to you and put proposals to Equity's ruling body - the Council. Branches also organise social events and may raise money for local charities.

If you are an Equity member or student member based in the area you are able to join the branch (no charge) so please get in touch with the Branch Secretary. If you are a member or student member visiting the area you are very welcome to drop into the next branch meeting and get to know some of your fellow members.

Equity Yorkshire Ridings General Branch

Please come to our next


Saturday 13 September


at West Yorkshire Playhouse

Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UP

Casting Director Kay Magson will be the speaker at this meeting



ARC 2014

The 2014 Annual Representattive Conference takes place in London on 18 - 19 May. The motions at the ARC that were carried or remitted to the Council can be downloaded from https://www.equity.org.uk/documents/arc-2014-motions-carried.


We Want to Listen (and talk) to You

Your branch needs YOU to get involved in its meetings and activities. While your Committee has tried to offer socials and meetings with interesting speakers, recently we have failed to attract as many members to these as we would like. We particularly regret that low attendances have meant that the Branch has been unable to send either a motion or an amendment to this year's National conference. As a result, Branch members have been denied this opportunity to be involved in Equity's policy making.

What are we doing wrong? What do we need to do differently? We need to learn from YOU, our members. We have started asking members who come to meetings to fill in a short questionnaire about these issues. A similar questionnaire is available for any member to fill in at http://www.equity.org.uk/branches/yorkshire-ridings-general-branch/documents/yrg-branch-member-feedback-form. Please download a copy, fill it in and send it to us. In addition, we plan to ring a number of you up to listen to your ideas on what we need to change.


Can You Help Make Your Branch Better?

We need to strengthen our Branch Committee as two of the members who were elected at the AGM have resigned. If you have ideas on how we can make our Branch more relevant to you as members we would love to hear from you. We would particularly welcome new committee members who can help to improve the Branch’s social media presence or help with fund raising. We would also like to encourage Women and younger members to get involved – while we welcome the contribution made by current committee members, we are aware that the committee is currently dominated by older white men and we wish to achieve a better membership balance. The Committee has adopted a collective working policy which can be downloaded at:

http://www.equity.org.uk/branches/yorkshire-ridings-general-branch/documents/yrg-collective-working-policy. If you are interested in joining the Committee, or want to know more, please ring Pete Keal on 01422 885211 or e-mail equity.yrgb@gmail.com.


Council Supports Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Equity’s Council has voted to support Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign’s call for a public enquiry into the policing of the 1984 Miners’ Strike. Backing a Yorkshire Ridings Branch motion, the Council took the view that “Trade union legal rights and privileges under UK law are crucial to Equity in fulfilling its duties to members ... Serious allegations have been made that these legal rights ... were breached at Orgreave. An inquiry into what happened ... would help to establish whether these allegations are well founded.” The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign’s web site is at: http://otjc.org.uk

 Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign is holding a demonstration outside the northern Independent Police Complaints Commission office - Pioneer House, Woolpacks Yard, Wakefield, WF1 2SG on Friday 28th March 2014 at 1pm. Yorkshire Ridings General Branch Committee will be asking the March Branch Meeting to support this demonstration including taking the Equity Yorkshire Area Banner there.


Thank you to Morrish Solicitors LLP and Unity Trust Bank for sponsorship

Equity Yorkshire Ridings General Branch wishes to thank Unity Trust Bank and Morrish Solicitors for their sponsorship of the new Equity Yorkshire Area Trades Union Banner. Thank you also to Humberside Variety and South Yorkshire Variety Branches for their donations and to Amy Wass for her work on the Banner design.


Advice and Rights Helpline

Equity operates an Advice and Rights Helpline on 020 7670 0223 on Mondays and Thursdays between 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm. Advice given covers tax, national insurance, welfare benefits, tax credits and other related areas. Alternatively, members can e-mail legalandwelfare@equity.org.uk for help.


July Branch Newsletter (print and web versions)

View July 2014 E-Newsletter as a Web page

Download July 2014 Print Newsletter as a PDF document

Other versions of the July Newsletter will be available soon.


View June 2014 E-Newsletter as a Web page

Download June Print Newsletter as a PDF document

View May 2014 E-Newsletter as Web page or May 2014 Newsletter in the Branch News section

Download May Print Newsletter as a PDF document

View April 2014 E-Newsletter as Web page or April 2014 Newsletter in the Branch News section

Download April Print Newsletter as a PDF document


View or Download older Newsletters


To download Large Print Versions of Branch Newsletters as PDF documents, click on the links below:

July 2014 June 2014 May 2014 April 2014

Previous Large Print Newsletters


Contributions from members towards the next Newsletter welcome. Contact: equity.yrgb@gmail.com

2012-13 Annual Report

We have produced a written 2012-13 Annual Report which can be viewed online here or downloaded in A5 format here; A4 format here and large print format here.

Details of the 2013-14 Committee can be seen here.


Standard Agenda for Branch Meetings

Your Branch Committee has decided to publish a Standard Agenda for Branch Meetings to give members who haven’t been to a meeting before an idea of what we discuss when we meet. The length of time spent discussing different agenda items will vary from meeting to meeting.

Read the Standard Agenda.  Download the Standard Agenda.

We always welcome members who haven’t come to a Branch Meetings before.


Branch Meeting Minutes Now available from the Web Site

Minutes of Branch Meetings are published on the Web site to give members more information about what we discuss when the Branch meets. These are the most recent Minutes that are available for download:

June 2014 - notes of Inquorate Equity Yorkshire Ridings General Branch June 2014 meeting.

May 2014 - Minutes of Joint Humberside Variety Branch and Yorkshire Ridings General Branch Meeting including report of the talk by Hull Truck Theatre's Artistic Director Mark Babych and  Regional Organiser Nigel Jones' report.

April 2014 - notes of inquorate April 2014 Branch Meeting which featured consideration of the motions in the provisional ARC 2014 Agenda.

Previous Minutes

You will need to log into the Web site with your Equity membership number and your password before you can download the Minutes.


Short link to this Web page:  http://tinyurl.com/equity-yrgb
Link to our RSS News feed:    http://tinyurl.com/equity-yrgb-rss
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