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Minutes of Past Branch Meetings

Minutes of Branch Meetings are published on the Web site to give members more information about what we discuss when the Branch meets. You will need to log into the Web site with your Equity membership number and your password before you can download the Minutes.


The following Minutes can now be downloaded:

July 2014 - Notes of Inquorate Branch Meeting held 5 July 2014 at which Louise Grainger spoke about Creating Without Conflict - Harassment and Bullying in the Arts.

June 2014 - notes of Inquorate Equity Yorkshire Ridings General Branch June 2014 meeting.

May 2014 - Minutes of Joint Humberside Variety Branch and Yorkshire Ridings General Branch Meeting including report of the talk by Hull Truck Theatre's Artistic Director Mark Babych and  Regional Organiser Nigel Jones' report.

April 2014 - notes of inquorate April 2014 Branch Meeting which featured consideration of the motions in the provisional ARC 2014 Agenda.

March 2014 - notes of inquorate meeting which featured a talk by Equity General Secretary Christine Payne as well as a report from Regional Organiser Nigel Jones.

February 2014 - notes of inquorate meeting including thought provoking talk by Damian Cruden, Artistic Director of York Theatre Royal.

December 2013 - meeting was inquorate. However, they include notes on the presentation by Morrish Solicitors.

November 2013 - including report of Christine Bucci's talk on "What Should Equity Be Doing for Walk-Ons" and motions the Branch passed on Storytellers and the Stage Committee elections and in support of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

October 2013 - short meeting before the 2013 Annual General Meeting.

July 2013 meeting was inquorate, but these notes include a report of the "What Can Equity Do for Young Members? How Can Equity be Relevant?" session with Young Members Committee members Kezia Davis and Mal Kutub

June 2013 meeting  with ITV Yorkshire Casting Directors Faye Styring and Sophie Poulston. The meeting also agreed to affiliate to Barnsley and Rotherham Trades Councils and Durham Miners Gala and to make donations to Doncaster Trades Council towards a Workers' Memorial Day plaque and tree and towards the cost of an Equity advertisement. Motions were passed supporting the Coalition of Resistance People's Assembly and calling for Equity nationally to meet the expenses incurred when Councillors and National Committee members come to speak at Branch meetings.

May 2013 meeting (joint meeting with South Yorkshire Variety Branch) was inquorate, but these notes include a report of Kully Thiarai's talk on Cast, the new performance venue due to open in Doncaster this autumn and Nigel Jones presentation on the My Theatre Matters Campaign.

April 2013 meeting was inquorate, so the Branch was unable to submit an Amendment to an ARC Motion.

March 2013 meeting was inquorate, but these notes include an extensive Committee Report and a record of the discussion "What Do You Want From Your Branch".

February 2013 meeting include notes of West Yorkshire Playhouse Artistic Director James Brining's talk as well as motions for the ARC 2013 and for the Council

November 2012 meeting include notes of Jean Rogers’ talk on ‘How the Media Controls our Image’ as well as details of important issues that our Regional Organiser Nigel Jones reported to the meeting.