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Low Pay & No Pay

Low Pay No PayMany members believe it’s a scandal that some companies expect professionals to work for free, while others defend their right to choose to donate time to projects they believe in.

What all agree is that members should have more information on what their rights are regarding Low Pay & No Pay, and this page will be an ongoing resource providing information on this topic.

Download the Low Pay & No Pay leaflet giving an overview of this issue.

Download a glossary of terms for Low Pay & No Pay.

Download Equity's position on Low Pay & No Pay from the Autumn 2012 edition of the Equity magazine.

Download an explanation of 'Partnership Thinking of creating a co-op or profit share production? Read this to get an understanding of the legal background.

Download examples and case studies

Further information
For any enquiries please contact Equity's dedicated low pay no pay industrial organiser Emmanuel de Lange


020 7670 0237


You can now download examples of our recent legal successes.