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Screen Committee 2013-2015

The Screen Committee advises the Equity  Council and takes appropriate action on any matters relevant to the professional employment of Equity members working in audio and recording and in all areas of audio-visual work to be shown on screen in television, film, games, internet, non-broadcast and commercials. The committee also has the power to submit industrial claims to an employer and to settle industrial claims.

This committee is made up of representatives of actors, dancers, choreographers and walk-on artists all of whom have recent experience of working on screen.  The committee comprises 15 elected members, plus the Chairs of the Stunt, Audio and Singer sub-committees along with a Council Observer. The current members of the Screen Committee are listed below.

Two Equity officials work closely with this group:  John Barclay and Drew McFarlane.  Please contact them if you want to get in touch with any of the committee.

Peter Barnes

Laurence Bouvard

Henrietta Branwell

Alexa Brown

Christine Bucci

Jo Cameron Brown

Karina Cornell

Jim Dowdall

Peggy-Ann Fraser

Tony Gardner

Stephen Hogan

Jay Taylor

Alan Thompson