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Singers Sub-Committee 2013-2015

The Singers' Sub-committee advises the Screen and Stage  Committees and takes action on any matters relevant to the professional employment of Equity members who work in the field of singing. In addition this committee can, subject to endorsement from the Stage or Screen Committee, submit industrial claims to relevant employers and agree settlements of claims.

The committee is made up of  representatives all of whom have recent experience of working in the field of singing. It comprises 9 elected members, plus one Council Observer. The current members of the Singers' Sub- Committee are listed below:

The Equity officials who works closely with this  committee are Tim Gale and Simon Curtis.  Please contact either of them if you want to get in touch with any member of the  sub-committee or want to know more about its work.

Zoë Bonner

Viva Cassidy

Bryn Evans (Singers Councillor)

Nick Keay

Simon Preece (chair)

Anne Skates

Rosalind Waters

Tom Emlyn Williams