SOLT West End Rates for Performers and Stage Management 2013-2015

7 November 2013

Rates SOLT - 447kb PDF

The 2012 rates that start on January 9th.

SOLT West End Rates for Theatre Designers 2013-14

7 November 2013

Rates SOLT - 285kb PDF

Equity & SOLT rates of pay for west end designers

TMA Commercial and Sub Rep Rates for Choreographers 2013

7 November 2013

Rates TMA - 172kb PDF

Equity & TMA rates of pay for choreographers in sub rep and commercial theatre

SOLT West End Agreement for Theatre Artists 2013

27 August 2013

Agreements SOLT - 364kb PDF

Equity/SOLT agreement for West End Theatre Artists - including Performers, Stage Management,Booth Singers and Supernumeraries

SOLT West End Rates for Directors 2013-2014

13 August 2013

Rates SOLT-TMA - 307kb PDF

Equity & SOLT rates of pay for West End directors from August 2013

Exchange Agreement between Equity UK and Actors’ Equity Association

29 July 2013

miscellaneous agreements, guidelines & contracts (live) - 76kb PDF

Equity UK has an Exchange Agreement in place with the Actors’ Equity Association in the US. The Exchange provides the opportunity for an equivalent number of performers working in live performance from the UK to be engaged on shows in the US, and vice versa, under the umbrella of a regulated contract and acceptable fees.

TMA/Equity Overseas Touring Rates 2013

24 July 2013

Rates TMA - 325kb PDF

New Agreement for rates for Overseas Touring from April 2013 TMA/Equity

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