Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Variety, Circus & Entertainers Committee 2013-2015

The Variety, Circus and Entertainers' Committee advises the Council on any matters relevant to the professional employment of Equity members working act-as-known in variety, cabaret, burlesque, circus, stand-up comedy, storytelling, magic and similar entertainment. The committee also has the power to submit industrial claims to an employer and to settle industrial claims.

This committee is made up of representatives of  artists all of whom have recent experience of working in variety, circus and entertainment .  It comprises 12  elected members, plus four Councillors who also work in these areas along with two Observers from the Executive of the previous Variety Artistes' Federation . The current members of the Vairety, Circus and Entertainment Committee are listed below:

Two Equity officials work closely with this Committee:  Michael Day  and Tim Johnson.  Please contact them if you want to get in touch with any of the committee or want to know more about its work.

Chris Barltrop

Beano the Clown

Nicholas K Brand

John Brennan

Lorraine Brooker-Mays

Chris Cotton

Tony Dennes

Yvonne Joseph

Peachy Mead

Geremy Phillips

Roger the Artful

Sally Treble