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New Media Deals Overview 2009

3 April 2011

Agreements new media - 522kb PDF

The full guide to the changing landscape of new media and how artists are affected.

PACT Agreement for Cinema Films 2010

3 April 2011

Agreements and rates PACT - 374kb PDF

Equity & PACT Agreement for minimum terms and conditions for all Artists (excluding instrumental musicians and crowd artistes) when engaged for films produced primarily for theatrical (cinema) exhibition by Producers

PMA Guidelines for Internet-Only Productions 2009

3 April 2011

Agreements new media - 45kb PDF

Equity & PMA guidelines for the engagment of artist for internet-only work.

TV Commercials Made Solely for USA 1992

3 April 2011

Agreements and rates TV commercials - 43kb PDF

Equity engagement form intended solely for television, cable and subscription television use in the United States, its commonwealths, territories, possessions, Canada and Mexico.

BPI Agreement for Current Cast Show Recording 1994

2 April 2011

miscellaneous agreements, guidelines & contracts (live) - 58kb PDF

Equity & BPI terms and conditions which would apply to all recordings by BPI members of productions of current shows involving Equity members

SOLT-TMA Agreement for Opera Guest Artists 1995

2 April 2011

Agreements SOLT-TMA - 464kb PDF

Equity, SOLT and TMA agreement for guest opera artists

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