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The Equity Online Branch

14 February 2016 | Currently Serving Moderator: Caron Jane Lyon

Welcome to The Equity Online Branch

What is the Online Branch? It is an area within the Members Area that has all the rights and powers of a geographic branch but you can visit it at any time you like from your own home or anywhere you have access to a computer, iDevice and the Internet.

NOTE: Branch members have additional access permisions to enter the Online Branch which activates a left hand menu displaying funtions such at Motions, Debates and Voting. If you would like to consider joining the branch please contact the moderator with your name, and Equity No# (include your email address if you would like a response from the moderator) - Thanks, Caron

NEWS - The Online Branch's Moderator attended the December meeting of the East Anglian Variety Committee to test a new video meeting room the online branch has access too. A wifi device to provide adequate bandwidth for the venue to stream was provided by the Online Branch too. Open sign up to the Online Branch for existing Equity members is coming soon. An updating of the membership system means we are awaiting the GO. Stand by!

If you would like to invite the Online Branch Moderator to host the video meeting space so your region branch members who find the distance a problem can attend via the Online Branch please get in touch.

More news soon.

Thank you for your paitience

Caron - The Online Branch Moderator

Branch moderator

Caron Jane Lyon

Caron Jane Lyon Email Caron

How it works

  • Chat room

    Chat room

    Go to the Chat room to see what other branch members are talking about and join in the discussion. At any time you can turn one of these discussions into a formal motion for the branch to debate.

    Go to the chat room.

  •  Debating chamber


    Go to the Debating chamber to see what is currently being debated. Each member gets one opportunity to contribute to each debate and when the debate has been closed members can vote on the motion.

    Go to the debating chamber.

  •  Voting area

    The Vote

    Have your say! Every member of the Online Branch has the opportunity to vote on motions and amendments that will help to shape Equity policy.

    Go to the voting area.

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