Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Council Minutes March 2012

18 July 2012

Council Minutes - 507kb PDF

Council Minutes March 2012

Election results 2012

12 July 2012

General - 62kb DOCX

Results of the 2012 Equity elections for President, Council, Appeals Committee and Standing Orders Committee

BBC alternative letter

11 July 2012

Campaigns - 13kb DOCX

Sample letter to BBC Director General George Entwistle

BBC Cuts - there is an alternatve

10 July 2012

Sample Docs - 1897kb PDF

Joint union campaign against BBC cuts

Newsletter for July 2012

30 June 2012

Newsletters - 342kb PDF

Its that time again Here is your July Newsletter with news of the next meeting and the speaker in the second half. This month’s meeting is on Saturday 7th July, 10.30am, This month’s speaker Paul Cawley Careers Adviser who ran a very successful Equity Advice session

TUC Communications awards

29 June 2012

press releases - 615kb PDF

TUC Communications awards judges comments

Make it Here campaign template letter

28 June 2012

Campaigns - 80kb DOCX

Please cut and paste Drew McFarlane's template letter and post immediately to your local MLA
Equity is campaigning for more television drama to be made in Northern Ireland and using the talent that lives here. According to Ofcom, 61.8% of spending by public service broadcasting channels in 2010 went to productions made within the M25. Productions in Scotland received 4.6% of spending, Wales 2.6% and Northern Ireland 0.4%.

Motion Capture Rates for Featured Artists 2009

27 June 2012

Agreements new media - 45kb PDF

Motion Capture Rates for Featured Artists

Motion Capture Rates for Stunt Performers 2009

27 June 2012

Agreements new media - 46kb PDF

Motion Capture Rates for Stunt Performers

WIPO treaty press release

26 June 2012

press releases - 73kb DOC

A new international treaty, signed in Beijing on 26 June 2012, gives actors for the first time a right to bargain for payment for the use of their work. The treaty, signed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) conference held in China, aims to give actors a share in revenues generated internationally by audiovisual productions. It will also grant performers moral rights to prevent lack of credit or distortion of their performances.

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