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Branch Meeting on 27th January 2014

28 January 2014

Sample Docs - 340kb PDF

Minutes of the Branch Meeting and First Anniversary Party to celebrate the formation of the new branch

January 2014 Minutes (PDF)

28 January 2014

Sample Docs - 51kb PDF

January 2014 Minutes in Microsoft PDF format.

January 2014 Minutes (Word)

28 January 2014

Sample Docs - 136kb DOCX

January 2014 Minutes in Microsoft Word (Docx) format


27 January 2014

Council Minutes 2013 - 570kb PDF

Council Minutes from December 2013

Creating without Conflict survey results and recommedations

27 January 2014

Sample Docs - 1813kb PDF

Bullying and harassment blight many workplaces, but the Federation of Entertainment Unions wanted to examine its suspicion that they are particularly rife in the creative industries. The survey discovered the creative industries are a "hotspot" for bullying, compared with other workplaces. This is accompanied by a culture of silence, which allows perpetrators to behave in inappropriate ways without being reported. Why is this the case? The creative industries are seen as glamorous and there is great competition to get in and get on. But the reality is most workers are freelance or work on short-term contracts and have few statutory rights. There is the fear that there is always someone else hungry to take your place if you complain. The survey showed that there was almost an acceptance of the prevailing culture of bullying; an attitude of "if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen".
• The need for tougher action on perpetrators and better organisational policies and procedures on conflict in the workplace. o
• Union recognition, so that representatives can negotiate anti-bullying policies and represent victims.
• Greater security for freelance workers.
• Confidential, independent hotlines for freelance and staff workers. In their own suggestions and comments respondents asked for:
• Informal processes for grievances
• Better education about bullying at an undergraduate and training stage
• Improved approaches for reporting interpersonal bullying
• A no-tolerance approach to unreasonable behaviour, applicable to all levels of workers/management
• More security for freelance workers

letter to newtownabbey council

27 January 2014

Sample Docs - 26kb DOC

letter to newtownabbey council about shutting down the Reduced Shakespeare Play

All About Motions

26 January 2014

ARC - 119kb PDF

Equity document sent to Branches explaining what a Motion is, what Amendments are along with advice on how to write these.

'Voice into Acting' & 'Acting Stanislavski' by John Gillett

25 January 2014

Sample Docs - 67kb PDF

North & East London John Gillett's fascinating books on sale at www.bloomsbury.com
'Voice Into Acting' - Integrating voice & Stanislavski's approach
'Acting Stanislavski' - Practical Guide to Stanislavski's approach & legacy

Letter from ROH

23 January 2014

Sample Docs - 25kb PDF

ROH letter in response to Equity's concern over cleaners not earning the London Living Wage

NW London Branch Minutes - January 2014 Meeting

22 January 2014

Branches - 56kb PDF

Minutes from the NW London Branch meeting held on Saturday 11th January 2014

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