Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Agenda for Branch Meeting - April 12th

8 April 2016

Branches - 54kb PDF

The Agenda for the Greater Manchester Branch Meeting on April 12th posted yet again...

Equity Online Branch - Guide to Motions

8 April 2016

Branches - 654kb PDF

This guide contain screenshots to help you recognise the elements you will encounter whilst participating in putting a motion through the online branch. This is the branch's developed platform architecture to enable equal member contribution to any subject needing branch wide agreement. Passed motions are then forwarded to the General Secretary for action.

As a member of the Equity’s Online Branch. (All Equity Members can be affiliated to a regional branch and take part in the online branch) This guide is going to help you understand what the Online Branch can do democratically, that Facebook can’t do. This is where the development money went!

Are you ready? It's not slick graphics, it’s not augmented reality it’s the ability to propose a motion, have it supported (seconded), allow amendments to be suggested, taken to debate, provide the proposer with the ‘right to reply’ including accepting and rejecting amendments before finally being placed before the entire branch under the Online Branch’s Rules and Standing Orders for a vote to support or reject the motion proposed.

RSC casting roadshow info

8 April 2016

General - 18kb DOCX

The Royal Shakespeare Company Casting Department is going on the road!

uploading your elections campaign video

8 April 2016

Elections - 284kb PDF

instructions for uploading a campaign video

Minutes March 2016

7 April 2016

Sample Docs - 481kb PDF

Minutes of the Devon and Cornwall General Branch February 2016

Council Minutes February 2016

6 April 2016

Council Minutes - 557kb PDF

Council Minutes from February 2016

April Newsletter & March Minutes 2016

4 April 2016

Newsletters - 1748kb PDF

April Newsletter & March Minutes

Artist Form of Engagement for Student Films

4 April 2016

Agreements and rates miscellaneous (recorded) - 378kb PDF

Standard Form of Engagement for artists in student films

Digest of Equity/PACT Cinema Film Agreement 2016-17

4 April 2016

Agreements and rates PACT - 299kb PDF

A digest of Equity/PACT Cinema Film Agreement 2016-17.
The digest of Minimum Terms and Conditions

Engagement Form for Artists in Non-Commercial Films

4 April 2016

Agreements and rates miscellaneous (recorded) - 405kb PDF


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