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Person Specification Equity Assistant Organiser

4 April 2013

Sample Docs - 63kb PDF

Person Specification - Equity Assistant Organiser Membership Relations

Person Specification Equity Office Assistant 2013

4 April 2013

Sample Docs - 31kb DOC

Person Specification Equity Office Assistant 2013

Artists Declaration Form Part 1

2 April 2013

Sample Docs - 5242kb PDF

ADF agreed by Equity & IPA - Tim Gale (Commercials Organiser) would like to know if actors are seeing these documents.
Part 1 will be at 1st meeting
Part 2 should ONLY be issued at Recall - if asked to sign Part 2 at 1st meeting explain that IPA & Equity have agreed only to issue this at recall OR simply write 'refer to agent'

Artists Declaration Form Part 2

2 April 2013

Sample Docs - 40kb PDF

ADF - Agreement between Equity & IPA for UK commercial castings. Equity's Tim Gale would like to know if these are being issued at IPA commercial castings. Part 2 should ONLY be issued at RECALLS for commercials. Do not complete at 1st meeting & if asked to do so refuse & explain that Equity & IPA have agreed this form only OR alternatively just write 'refer to agent'.

Equity members and Partnerships

2 April 2013

Reports and documents - 191kb PDF

Equity members often involve themselves in productions, usually in Live Performance, that are referred to in a number of ways. Co-ops, profit shares, collectives are some of the terms that are used to describe this activity. In reality, the most likely legal status for this activity is as a partnership.

Low pay and no pay leaflet

2 April 2013

General - 1371kb PDF

Many members believe it’s a scandal that some companies expect professionals to work for free, while others defend their right to choose to donate time to projects they believe in.

What all agree is that members should have more information on what their rights are regarding Low Pay & No Pay, and this leaflet aims to provide information on this topic.

March 2013 Minutes, Newsletter, and Agenda for April 2013 Meeting

28 March 2013

Newsletters - 549kb DOCX

Minutes March 2013, Newsletter, and Agenda for 13 April 2013 meeting

Disclosure and Barring service - What is it?

26 March 2013

General - 118kb PDF

A brief information and guidance leaflet about the new Disclosure and Barring service - the new system for Criminal Records Bureau checks.

TMA Theatre Directors Rates 2011-2013

26 March 2013

Rates TMA - 135kb PDF

Equity & TMA rates of pay for directors.

Yorkshire Ridings General Branch Newsletter Apr '13

26 March 2013

Newsletters - 105kb PDF

- ARC 2013 - Amendments to Motions

- My Theatre Matters!

- Welcome to the Committee

- Sharing Our Skills

- Moving to Unity Trust Bank

- Dates for Future Branch Meetings

- Branch Resources

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