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April 2014 Minutes (Word)

10 May 2014

Sample Docs - 152kb DOCX

April 2014 Minutes in Microsoft Word (Docx) format.

GM&RGB Meeting Agenda May 2014

10 May 2014

Sample Docs - 65kb PDF

Agenda for 13th May 2014 branch meeting

GM&RGB Meeting Minutes 8th April 2014

10 May 2014

Sample Docs - 86kb PDF

Minutes of the April 2014 meeting

Minutes of the London Area Annual General Meeting 2014

6 May 2014

Sample Docs - 72kb PDF

Minutes of the London Area Annual General Meeting held
Wednesday 5 March 2014 at 1.30 at The Victory Services Club

YRG Branch May '14 Newsletter large print

4 May 2014

Newsletters - 157kb PDF

- Hull, here we come!

- Free Legal Advice before Hull Branch Meeting

- Council Election candidates seeking Endorsement at May Branch Meeting

- Please Vote!

- We Want to Listen (and talk) to You

- Leeds College TU Studies Course

- National Insurance changes latest

- Dates for Future Branch Meetings

- Branch Resources


3 May 2014

Sample Docs - 398kb PDF

Minutes from Council meeting March 2014

Equity Annual Report 2013

2 May 2014

Sample Docs - 1830kb PDF

Adopted by the Council at its meeting held on April 28, 2014 for submission to the Annual Representative Conference 18 & 19 May, 2014

Equity Report 28/29 April 2014

2 May 2014

Council Report - 430kb PDF

Report of the meeting of the Equity Council on 28 and 29 April 2014

Leeds College TU Studies Training Course Outline

1 May 2014

Branches - 28kb DOC

Yorkshire Ridings General Branch is organising a course for Union activists in Leeds on Tuesdays 24 June, 1 & 8 July from 10am – 5pm each day. The course will be free and participants need to be able to commit for all 3 days. If you would like to join this course, please e-mail equity.yrgb@gmail.com by 31 May.

Sometimes We Are Treated Quite Well: Mental Health Report

1 May 2014

Reports and documents - 194kb PDF

Mental Health, Stress & Distress In the Entertainment Industry

"At time of writing, Mental Health, Stress and Distress in the Entertainment Industry
have been the focus of the Mental Health Working Party of the Equity East of
Scotland Branch for almost exactly a year.

This report has been written to sum up the work of the Mental Health Working Party,
to inform the Scottish Committee of Equity, and to inspire others into action - within
and outwith Equity.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the intrepid souls who came along to our unlikely event
during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 12 August 2013. In the midst of all that
jollity and celebration, they made their way to an event called “Stress in the
Entertainment Industry”.

They came and they did what all theatre is supposed to do. They told the truth.

And it is on their truths that we have based our work these past months and which
will continue to influence the future. Like the man almost said:

“We each must play our part”.

They played theirs and now it is up to us and you."

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