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Company Vehicle and Drivers Details Form - 2012 [PDF]

23 November 2012

miscellaneous agreements, guidelines & contracts (live) - 113kb PDF

Equity's Stage Management Committee (SMC) in association with the Stage Management Association (SMA) have produced a form to supplement the SMAs excellent Guidance Note on Driving - endorsed by the Theatre Safety Committee (TSC). The form helps both the Company Member and Mangers comply with best practice when driving is required for work.

The form is available as both a PDF and MS Word Form. The PDF can be printed and completed by hand and the MS Word Form can be overtyped then printed.

This is the PDF version. The MS Word Form version is available from the SMC page.

Letter from Lucy Adams, BBC head of HR

21 November 2012

General - 230kb PDF

Letter from Lucy Adams, BBC head of HR, to Gerry Morrisey date 18 October 2012

Newsletter of the Theatre Directors' Committee Autumn 2012

21 November 2012

Sample Docs - 1126kb PDF

Newsletter of the Theatre Directors' Committee Autumn 2012

List of Variety Agents March 2012

20 November 2012

General - 163kb PDF

A list of Variety Agents compiled by Sally Treble.

This is not an Equity recommended Agents List.

Equity does not recommend or endorse any Agent.

This list has been compiled using current available information.

We hope members will find the list useful.

To the best of our knowledge, the above Agents' details are correct.

If you are able to assist with corrections or details of Agents
who may have been omitted, we'd like to hear from you!

Please Email: Sally Treble. Chairman of the Variety Advisory Committee at: sallytreble@ymail.com

NI General Branch Sept '12 minutes

20 November 2012

Sample Docs - 29kb DOCX

Michael Ockwell (Grand Opera House)spoke at meeting about local companies putting product into the theatre. He leaves in November and his post will be taken up by Andrew Hill


19 November 2012

Branches - 34kb DOC

Agenda for the November 25th 2012 North West of England General Branch Annual General Meeting

List of Candidates for 2012/13 NW London Branch committee.

16 November 2012

Branches - 22kb DOC

List of Candidates for NW London Branch 2012/13committee elections

Stunt Performer's Rate Card 2013

14 November 2012

Rates Miscellaneous - 393kb PDF

Stunt Performer's Rate Card 2013

Ten point code of conduct

14 November 2012

Models documents - 221kb PDF

At the 2012 TUC Congress, Model Dunja Knezevic, Chair of Equity’s Models Committee launched a campaign asking major retailers to sign up to a Ten Point Code of Conduct for models on photoshoots in studios and on location.

Council Report 6 November 2012

12 November 2012

Council Report - 196kb PDF

Report of the meeting of the Equity Council on 6 November 2012

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