Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Sunday March 9th 2014 12:30pm Branch Meeting Agenda

6 March 2014

Sample Docs - 64kb PDF

Final agenda

Copyright works: seeking the lost (March 2014)

5 March 2014

Policy submissions - 367kb PDF

Copyright works: seeking the lost: Consultation on implementing a domestic orphan works licensing scheme and the EU Directive on certain permitted uses of orphan works - Written response from Equity

Equity Response to EU Copyright Consultation (March 2014)

5 March 2014

Reports and documents - 748kb PDF

Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules

The Independent Code Review in association with the BCC (Feb 2014)

5 March 2014

Policy submissions - 301kb PDF

The Independent Code Review, in association with the British Copyright Council: Written Response from Equity to the Call for Evidence

W&SW London Equity Branch Business Skills Day

3 March 2014

Newsletters - 378kb PDF

W&SW London Equity Branch Business Skills Day on Saturday 8 March. E Mail andrew& to preregister. Limited capacity. Priority to branch members.

YRG Collective Working policy

2 March 2014

Branches - 47kb PDF

The Branch Committee agreed this policy on collective working and the duties of the Branch Secretary at its meeting on 1 February 2014.

29th February, Branch Committee minutes

1 March 2014

Sample Docs - 29kb DOC

Details of Committee meeting decisions

Mental Health Report: "Sometimes We're Treated Quite Well"

1 March 2014

Reports and documents - 194kb PDF

Mental Health Report.

Full membership Application Form

28 February 2014

General - 290kb PDF

Equity is the trade union representing and supporting creative professionals and performers working across the entire spectrum of arts and entertainment. You can join Equity if you are aged 10 years old or more, as long as you fulfil the entry requirements.

Rejoin Membership Application Form

28 February 2014

Sample Docs - 245kb PDF

Welcome back to the Equity community! As you may have been away from the union for a while some of the benefits of membership may be new to you such as the free public liability insurance, the pension scheme, job information service, training and careers advice. With your new Equity card you will get information on these and other aspects of your union.

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