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SMC Buy Out Guidelines - May 2011

1 May 2011

miscellaneous agreements, guidelines & contracts (live) - 83kb PDF

Guidelines on Buy Outs from the Equity Stage Management Committee

Council Report 5 April 2011

28 April 2011

Council Report - 125kb PDF

Report of the meeting of the Equty Council on 5 April 2011

Forum Theatre Workshop Booking Form

19 April 2011

Sample Docs - [/1024]kb DOC

Please see the 'News' page for information on this workshop.

The Blue Book

14 April 2011

TV is Changing - 163kb PDF

Originally published in 2006, The Future of Television Agreements is a detailed study of current deals in the UK television history and how they may need to be adapted for the future.

The Future of Television

14 April 2011

TV is Changing - 937kb PDF

The Future of Television presents a more accessible summary of the blue book and contains updated information following eighteen months of negotiations.

TMA-Equity-Menier Chocolate Factory Agreement 2011

14 April 2011

Agreements house (live) - 26kb PDF

TMA / Equity Commercial Theatre Agreement: Menier Chocolate Factory house agreement 28 February 2011

TV is Changing factsheet 1

14 April 2011

TV is Changing - 97kb PDF

This factsheet sets out the work Equity has been doing, the principles that have guided our work and what you can do to help.

TV is Changing factsheet 2

14 April 2011

TV is Changing - 93kb PDF

One of the biggest changes in television is the simultaneous transmission of programmes via the internet, mobile phones and other new technologies. This factsheet considers the implication of this change.

TV is Changing factsheet 3

14 April 2011

TV is Changing - 89kb PDF

How members get paid for their work is one of Equity's core concerns. One approach in the digital era is likely to be the increased use of collective licences. This factsheet explains what they are and how they work.

TV is Changing factsheet 4

14 April 2011

TV is Changing - 97kb PDF

Royalty payments are likely to become increasingly important in an era of downloading. It is important that the working out of royalties is done openly and fairly. This factsheet introduces the issue of digital deductions and explains why they matter.

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