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Creating without Conflict

14 June 2013

Together, Equity and sister unions BECTU, NUJ, Musicians Union and The Writers Guild  are launching Creating without Conflict, a campaign to challenge bullying and harassment in the entertainment industries. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness, to work with employers to create effective policies and procedures that will protect staff and freelance workers from bullying and harassment and empower members to challenge and report incidents without fear of reprisals.

 As part of this we need a clear picture as to how widespread the problem is throughout the entertainment industry, so each of the participating unions is asking their members to complete our anonymous survey, the findings of which will inform our Creating without Conflict conference to be held in November in London. 

Please follow this link to take you directly to the survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RGQB9FF    

The closing date is July 8th

As well as completing this yourself, please encourage other members to take a few moments and do it themselves.  This is the first time research across all FEU memberships has been undertaken on this issue.  We need member input to help get a real picture of what is going on and what steps can be taken.


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