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Could you make the difference?

5 February 2014

Could you make the difference in your union by standing for election to the Equity Council?

The Council is the Governing body of Equity and is your voice in the union. It is elected every two years and makes crucial decisions about what the union does — for example it oversees the contracts we agree with employers and decides on the campaigns we run. It is made up of members of Equity, just like you — members who volunteer to serve their union and fellow members.

You can get more information about what is involved in serving on the Equity Council  from the Equity Elections 2014 page on this website or from the  nomination paper circulated with the Spring edition of the Equity magazine. Members are also invited to stand for the Appeals Committee, which hears appeals against disciplinary penalties imposed by the Council or a decision to dismiss a complaint about a breach of the Rules, and for the Standing Orders Committees, which organises the business of the Annual Representative Conference.

See our frequently asked questions page for more information and to see how Equity's democratic structure works watch this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh86d02KyKo&feature=youtu.be

We hope that you will decide that you can make the difference. Go to the Equity Elections 2014 page on this website to complete your nomination or fill in the nomination paper at the back of the leaflet enclosed with the Spring 2014 edition of the Equirty magazine. Nominations close at 12 noon on Friday 2 May 2014.

Under certain limited circumstances some members may not be eligible to stand for the Council. If you are in any doubt please check Rule 14 in the Equity Rule Book which can be downloaded from www.equity.org.uk/documents/equity-rules-december-2012/ or call our elections help-line on 020 7670 0259 or e-mail elections@equity.org.uk.

If you wish to stand for election as Equity President, please download a nomination form here: https://www.equity.org.uk/documents/equity-president-nomination-form-2014/



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