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As an Equity member, how do I benefit from the guidelines?

The Guidelines are not an agreement, but they are a guarantee that the producers involved are at the very least working toward an Agreement with the union – and many have a full one already.

Use of the guidelines is not only a guarantee of a proper basic wage, but also that your working time, health and safety, holiday pay and other rights will be respected.

You should receive an Equity visit when working on a production using our guidelines, which gives you an opportunity to raise any queries or concerns and involve your union to help support you with any difficulties you have at work.

Equity never stops members taking the engagements that they choose, and we will always support you in your work in the performing arts, whether that be with a compliant or a non-compliant company. It all about you making informed choices about the work you take – our guidelines give you guarantees about minimum standards, so you know what you’re getting when working in outdoor touring.