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Why should venues work with companies using Equity’s guidelines?

Put simply, using Equity’s guidelines is a guarantee that a production is professional. You can be sure that compliant companies have adequate insurances, and proper terms and conditions – the lack of either can affect your insurances as a venue.

If you’re advertising a professional production, it makes sense to have a guarantee that the artists involved are professional actors, engaged using professional terms.

The risk of artists sustaining injuries, leaving them unable to perform – or even the company ceasing to trade as a result of legal action or investigation by HMRC – is significantly greater when using a company who doesn’t use the Equity guidelines. This leads to a greater risk of cancelled shows and disappointed audiences.

If a company seems cheaper, and they’re not using our guidelines, they are making a saving somewhere. That saving is probably on the terms and conditions of the artists that your audiences enjoy, and probably generating more profits for the producers. By choosing a company using Equity guidelines, you can be assured of an ethical rate of pay, and helping to stop the race to the bottom that is to the detriment of artists, the quality of productions, and the reputation of your venue.