A quick guide to the new website

Welcome to our new website!

Here are a few tips on getting the most out of the site. Please bear with us as we work through some post launch bugs and add further content. You can report any bugs you find directly to us on: website@equity.org.uk

The best way to experience the website is through the latest versions of Chrome. This is a link to download Chrome.

Logging into the site
To access items such as the Rates & Agreements, PLI certificate and edit your profile page, you will need to logon to the site.

Please enter:
1. Your Equity eight-digit number WITHOUT THE LETTER AT THE BEGINNING such as: 12345678
2. The email address that is registered with your Equity account, such as equity@gmail.com

If you have forgotten your password, click the forgotten password link. This will send you an email re-set, so please check your junk folder for the email. If you are still having no luck logging in ring the membership department on 020 7670 0207 and they can re-set your password.

For members
A new function of this site is the ‘For Members’ drop down. You can use this once you have logged in and it appears in the top right of your browser. This gives you quick linked access to Rates & Agreements, your PLI certificate and your branch or committee. If you visit a page and want to ‘shortcut it’ for quick access the short cuts will appear here (more on that below).

Create a Shortcut
A new function of this site is ‘Add Short Cut’ on every page. If you have found a piece of content you would like quick access to, click add short cut and it will appear in your ‘For members’ drop down. If you no longer find it useful – click ‘Remove Shortcut’.

Member Profiles
Members can upload a professional profile to the website, this is a public-facing part of the site and it can be found here: Member Profiles.

If you want to create a profile you will need to:

  1. Log into the site
  2. Click ‘ My Profiles’ in your account or  https://www.equity.org.uk/my-account/my-profiles/
  3. Click 'Create new profile' or edit your current one.

PLEASE NOTE Profiles have been brought across from the previous website. If we have your agent details they will be displayed on your profile. If you do not wish to have your personal contact details displayed please follow the steps above and then:

  1. Click ‘Professional details’
  2. Below the summary box is a box saying ‘Show contact’. Unclick this will remove contact details from your profile.

 Alternatively, you can email us for help via website@equity.org.uk