Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Types of membership

To reflect the make-up of the industry we have different types of membership, please see below to find out which one applies to you:

Full Equity:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This brings with it the full package of benefits and eligibilty to participate fully in union life. Subscriptions are based on your previous tax year's gross earnings from your professional work, including royalties, repeats and residuals.

Graduate Equity 
If you have graduated in the last two years. Graduate members get access to all the benefits associated with Full Equity membership at half the price for a period up to two years. After this you will be invited to move to Full Equity membership. 

Student Equity
If you are currently studying on a further or higher education course in performance or a related subject lasting one year or longer. The annual subscription includes your professional (stage) name reservation.

Long Service Membership
Any member who has been in Equity continually for 21 years or longer and is 65 years old, or more,  is entitled to Long Service Membership and pays a subscription of 50% of the relevant rate.

Retired Membership
Any member who has been in Equity continually for 50 years or longer and has permantently retired from the profession can take out Retired Membership.

Honorary Life Membership
Awarded by the Equity Council for oustanding service to the union, this is the highest honour the union can bestow.

Honourable Withdrawal
This freezes your membership for up to three years for a small charge.  For any full member of Equity who is up-to-date with their subscriptions and taking a deliberate career break.