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Why should I join?

Having worked in a country where there’s no performers' union I know what it is to be unprotected, unregulated and exploited. With Equity I have secure contracts, improving minimum rates, legal protection, advice and so much more. I’m an artist with a voice. That counts. Tim Walton 

There are many reasons why people join Equity.  It might be because they have seen us in action helping colleagues in their workplace; or because they agree with one of our campaigns and want to get actively involved; or because they are being treated unfairly and realise that if they are part of Equity they don't have to deal with it on their own; or because they want the reassurance of the insurance cover; or because they have an idea or issue they want  help with to take forward; or because they understand that by everyone coming together we are all made stronger - in fact every member has their own reason. 

Here are our favourites:

  • Pay: Equity contracts set minimum rates of pay and standards to avoid exploitation.
  • Fair Treatment: from holiday entitlements to meal breaks and working hours, we have negotiated agreements to protect your working conditions.
  • Equal Treatment: Equity actively promotes equal opportunity without discrimination over gender, race, sexuality or disability.
  • Protection: Equity supports you if managements, employers, agents or bookers treat you unfairly.
  • Public Liability: Many members find our free public liability insurance (up to £10million) essential in their work as employers often insist they have PLI.
  • Pride: Equity membership signifies your pride in making our industry more rewarding and safer. Members make a stronger union.
  • Compensation: If injured or made ill through work then our legal services will seek proper compensation for you.
  • Influence: A major part of the entertainment industry, Equity contributes to public debate.  Our influence comes from the strength of our membership.
  • Pension: The only scheme into which employers in the industry will pay (on top of your fees) to help you be more financially comfortable when you retire.
  • Belonging: Your membership shows a commitment to your vocation.  Your Equity card is a sign of  your professionalism.
  • Contribute: Equity means better conditions for you and your colleagues.  Your views and ideas are heard and you can make a difference - so being in Equity means you can get more involved in how the industry operates

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