Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Members' views

In this profession we are all vulnerable, it is so insecure and I think to have a union behind you is one thing you can rely on – your one piece of security – to help you out, to make sure your contracts are legal, to make sure that you get paid.  Alison Steadman

As I move through the industry, Equity is my confidence, my support and my protection.  Being an active member constantly reminds me that this is my industry just as much as it is that of the casting director, the agent and the producer. I respect my skills and feel so much more confident, now, that this self-respect radiates and I’m literally getting more jobs -seriously- come and try it for yourself. Ellie Paskell

I have always loved being a member of Equity, but even after many years I never realised what the benefits could be.  I have recently become disabled and have had excellent support from the Equity Trust Fund, the Evelyn Norris Trust and the Actors’ Benevolent Fund. My son has been helped by The Actors’ Charitable Trust. I can’t thank them enough. What a wonderful thing it is to be in benefit with Equity! These people really care. It is like a family that looks after you.  Alex McInnes

Equity was the leading force in helping me achieve my goal of becoming a TV and Film Stuntman.  Their staff member John Barclay guided me through the process of gaining acceptance onto the Stunt Register which I achieved in 1993.  If it were not for Equity I would not be doing today what I can only describe as “the best job in the world” Riky Ash

The very nature of entertainment and theatre is that almost anywhere can be a venue and almost anyone can be an employer, or self employed. It’s an extraordinary loose and unpredictable profession and it seems to me that it’s a good thing that there is someone trying to impose or negotiate a degree of regulation, even if it’s just in terms of hours you work and lunch breaks and the desire for even the most ordinary acting job to be reasonably paid. I just think it’s good that there’s an organisation that can draw this very disparate band of brothers and sisters together to try to maintain good and safe and reasonable working conditions. Rowan Atkinson

It is essential that we have a union to represent us and that all designers are members.  We should remember that the union is only as good as the people who are in it and it is our responsibility to make it brilliant!  Alison Chitty OBE