Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Our members

Hear directly from Equity members about what Equtiy does and what it means to them and the industry. They are waiting to tell you here

Equity is made up of c40,000 (the number changes daily) professional creative people from every genre, age group and many cultures. There are a further 5,000+ student members. Being an Equity member gives you the opportunity to meet other members and share and benefit from each others’ experience and support. 

If you are looking to employ performers or creative practitioners then you can search our member directories to find the right people.

Our members are based all over the UK from the Shetlands to the Channel Islands and work across the entertainment industry throughout the UK and overseas.  All of them have the  opportunity to get involved in union activity and bring about change for themselves and other members on a local or national level.

Members who are known the world over join with those who are starting out to support campaigns, sign petitions, make suggestions, stand for election to the Equity committees and council, raise issues, debate things on our social media channels and contribute in many ways to the Equity community.

I like being able to say I’m a member of Equity, it’s like being part of a family, it gives some justification to what I do. It makes me feel, somehow, more professional. Ken Bruce

Equity can boast of countless student members who have gone on to have glittering careers but we reached a milestone in 2010 when 5,000 students were in membership at one time. Here's what the student member who made that total has to say:   

I learnt about Equity when I was younger and thinking about becoming an actor. I had heard good, positive things about it, such as it's the union for performers and a useful resource. I think it is particularly helpful for when you are coming out of drama school and going into the industry. This is when you're finding your way and it's important to be able to lean on that advice and support. It's good to know you have a voice in the business that's on your side. Bernice Pike