Annual Representative Conference 2021

 The Annual Representative Conference (ARC) brigs together Equity members to debate current and future policy matters.  The participants represent the Equity branches, committees and Council. They put forward Motions in advance and the ARC  decides which motions shall be passed and become part of union policy.

The 2021 ARC is planned for May in London.  This might change but the current timetable with deadlines for receipt of Motions etc is here

Want to take part? Put yourself forward to represent your branch or committee, or  you could apply to attend ARC as an Observer.  This means you can see the debates but are not able to speak or vote.  It is a good way of seeing the union's democracy at work and helpful if you are wanting to get more actively involved.  If you are interested in being an Observer you must be a paid-up Equity member.  Please email writing ARC OBSERVER in the subject line and include your Equity Name, Equity Number phone number and email. Observers cover their own costs of attendance.