More about insurance benefits

We've got you covered.

When you become an Equity member, you receive free Public Liability Insurance. You can find out more about insurance below, in the Equity Insurance Guide 2022 and on the First Act website, the administers of the insurance.

What is the insurance cover amount?

  • The limit of indemnity for full, child, graduate members and long service members is £10 million. The limit of indemnity for student members is set at £2 million

What is covered?

  • The policy covers the cost of liability against you for any damage to body or property. For a full list of who is covered, take a look at the First Act website, or contact First Act Insurance on 0208 686 5050.

What additional covers are available?

  • These are the current additional covers available once you have joined Equity:
    • Fire performers, stage hypnotists, enhanced personal accident cover, dancers and physical artists, stunt artists, Professional property cover, HMRC investigations insurance. To receive a quote for these additional insurance covers, you can contact First Act Insurance on 0208 686 5050.

Who administers the insurance scheme?

  • The Insurer of the Public Liability Insurance is Hiscox Underwriting Ltd. First Act Insurance, also known as Hencilla Canworth Ltd, are the administrators of the Insurance scheme, and are the first point of contact. You can contact them here: or 0208 686 5050.

How do I access my PLI certificate and how long do I have to wait?

  • Once your application has been approved and the first payment has been taken, you should have immediate access to your PLI certificate. You can log in to the Member’s Area and download the certificate directly once you have received your membership approval email, as you’ll need your membership number to log in. However, the application approval process can take between 5-7 days, so please be aware of this when applying to join.