Membership rates

How much you pay depends on how much you earn.

The annual rate is based on your gross earnings from your professional work - including royalties, repeats and residuals - in the previous tax year (April 2021-March 2022).

There's a one-off £33 entrance fee for anyone becoming a child or full member for the first time


  • 50% discounted rates for children and graduates members.
  • Students join for just £22 a year.
  • £5 discount on full membership fees and £2.50 discount on child and graduate membership fees when you pay by direct debit.
  • Graduates get £10 off their full membership entrance fee for each year they held student or grduate membership of Equity (up to 4 years).

How to pay

You can pay annually or quarterly by credit or debit card, or you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually by Direct Debit.  

One-off entrance fee

If you are joining or rejoining the union there is a one-off fee of £33, plus the annual fees listed below. 

Annual fees

If you earned under £111,400 in 2020/21

Less than £25,900: £148

£25,900 - £44,600: £259 per year (£12.33 a month)

£44,600 - £74,300: £446 per year

£74,300 - £111,400: £743 per year

If you earned over £111,400 in 2020/21

£111,400 - £148,500: £1,114 per year

£148,500 - £185,600: £1,485 per year

£185,600 - £222,700: £1,856 per year

£222,700 - £259,800: £2,227 per year

£259,800 - £296,900: £2,598 per year

Over £296,900: £2,969 per year

There is a £5 discount on annual fees if you pay by direct debit. 

One-off entrance fees

  • There is a £33 entrance fee for child members.
  • Graduates receive £10 off the £33 entrance fee for each year they held student membership (up to 3 years).
  • Children and graduates get a £2.50 discount on annual fees if you pay by direct debit. 
  • Long service members do not pay an entrance fee. You need to have been a member of Equity for over 21 years continuously and over the age of 65 to qualify for long service membership.

Annual fees

If you earned under £111,400 in 2020/21

Less than £25,900: £74 per year

£25,900 - £44,600: £129.50 per year       

£44,600 - £74,300: £223 per year             

£74,300 - £111,400: £371.50 per year 

If you earned over £111,400

£111,400 - £148,500: £557 per year    

£148,500 - £185,600: £742.50 per year  

£185,600 - £222,700: £928 per year    

£222,700 - £259,800: £1130.50 per year

£259,800 - £296,900: £1299 per year   

Over £296,900: £1484.50 per year   

There is no entrance fee for student and retired members. 

Annual fees

£22 for a year's membership for all student and retired membership.

We know that performers and creatives can move in and out of the industry. If you are taking a career break and not actively seeking work you may be able to freeze your membership through our Honourable Withdrawal scheme.

There is a fee of £50 for a three year period of suspension.

Membership can be reactivated at any point after 12 months by payment of membership subscription.

Withdrawal is not available to graduate or student members. Please be aware that while your Equity name will be protected, and you will continue receiving the Equity magazine, you will no longer have access to any other benefits associated with full membership.

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