Member Benefits

Accident and Backstage InsuranceWe insure the majority of our members against accidental bodily injury whilst at work. 

Bullying and harassment support: Resources to address bullying and harassment

CampaignsSuccessful national and international lobbying of employers, governments and other bodies on a wide range of issues that affect you and the industry. 

Careers AdviceMembers and student members can use our one-to-one Careers and Learning Advice Service

Charities: The Equity Benevolent Fund (EBF) makes grants to members facing financial hardship and the Evelyn Norris Trust (ENT) provides support towards rest, recuperation and convalescence. Equity’s International Committee for Artists Freedom (ICAF) and the International Performers Aid Trust (IPAT) help performers and venues overseas. Members can also call on the Equity Charitable Trust for help. We are grateful to those members who leave bequests to our charities in their wills.

Contract Enforcement: Where it is believed that there are outstanding royalties and/or residuals from productions made on Equity contracts, we investigate, recover and distribute these monies. We also monitor developments in intellectual property rights.

Dance Passport: This provides Equity dancers and choreographers access to support and services from unions throughout Europe.

DiscountsMembership brings discounts on parking, hotels, restaurants, tickets, websites, photography and lots more.

Equity Card: Your Equity card is a universally recognised symbol of your status as a professional.

Equity Name: We reserve this as long as it is not used by another member. Names are crucial for the distribution of royalties and other payments and credits and casting clarity.

Equity Pension Scheme: The only one into which theatre, radio and TV employers pay. Register to take out an individual policy so you can give the number to employers.

Health and SafetyEquity monitors health and safety legislation. Members should always call us if you have an accident at work.

Help and Advice: We advise members and/or their agents whether it be about contracts and conditions for working in the UK or overseas or areas of the business that are new to you. Your local Equity branch can also be of help in some matters.

Job Information Service: Up-to-date paid work opportunities across the industry, exclusively available to members.

Legal Support: Free legal advice/support in disputes over professional engagements including contracts and personal injury claims. If we take on a case we pay the legal fees and the member receives the full amount of any award given by the court. To register a personal injury claim there is a 24 hour free phone. We also provide assistance with personal legal matters such as wills, probate and conveyancing.

Medical Support (BAPAM): Equity supports the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) which provides free advice and clinical assessment for members and student members who need help with any performance-related medical, psychological or dental problem.  BAPAM is a partner with Equity, The Stage and Spotlight in ArtsMinds - providing support resources on mental health.

Membership DirectoriesIncluding our own and other online directories such as Supporting artists have been done in partnership with Spotlight.

Pay and Conditions: Full texts of contracts and agreements are available to Equity members. Working under Equity terms is the best protection you can have. Members must discuss with us, before signing, contracts for any overseas work, including dance and cruises. We also advise members working on non-Equity contracts.

Publications: Including the award-winning Equity magazine, guides and the Diary.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI): Full Equity members automatically have up to £10 million in PLI. (Stage hypnotist members can get PLI but have to contribute to the premium, and there is subsidised top-up cover available for Fire Artists for a small extra payment.) Equity Student members are covered for up to £2 million in PLI. Equity members can print off a personalised Public Liability Insurance certificate by logging into the website.  Full details can be found here 

Representation: We represent members individually or collectively in disputes with employers.

Equity Distribution Services: Distributes millions of pounds worth of royalties and other payments to thousands of performers.  

Tax and Welfare SupportFree advice and representation on issues relating to tax, national insurance and social security. Members can contact our Advice and Rights Helpline and access our online guides.

Training: Award-winning free resources and workshops for our members. There are also free resources for members in WalesWe support the Actors’ Centre, which provides programmes of short courses in professional development. There is training support for Equity Deputies and members of committees and branches.

Your Network: Equity is made up of thousands of creative people from every genre, age and many cultures. Our structures such as branches give you the opportunity to network and to share and benefit from members’ experience and support. You can also join in on the online forums or get involved with our Facebook, Twitter and other social networking groups. Our regional and national professional staff are also available to you for advice and support.

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