Subscription Rates

Full Equity
Subscriptions are based on your previous tax year's gross earnings from your professional work, including royalties, repeats and residuals.  As well as the annual subscription fee (see below) if you are joining or rejoining the union there is a one-off fee of £32.

Current subscription rates:

Gross annual income: Your annual subscription

Less than £21,900: £132.00                                              

Between £21,900 and £37,600: £232.00                           

Between £37,600 and £62,700: £398.00                            

Between £62,700 and £94,100: £663.00                            

Between £94,100 and £125,400: £994.00                          

Between £125,400 and £156,800: £1,325.00                      

Between £156,800 and £188,100: £1,656.00                      

Between £188,100 and £219,500: £1,987.00                      

Between £219,500 and £250,800: £2,318.00                      

Over £250,800: £2,649.00                                               

There is a £5 discount of any of these rates when you pay with direct debit. 

There is a 50% discount for Long Service Members (aged 65 and with 21 years or more service), Child Members (aged 10-16 inclusive) and Graduate Members.  Retired Members (with 50 years service and no longer seeking work) pay £17.25 a year.

Student Equity

  • Joining costs £19.50 which includes professional name reservation (if it is not already in use by another Equity member).
  • Annual subscription is £19.50 per year.
  • When upgrading to full Equity, student members deduct £10 for each year of student membership from the cost of becoming a full Member.  This is capped at a maximum rebate of £32.