Vote in the Rule Change Referendum

Poll open: 5 November – 3 December 2021

About the proposed rule changes

At the 2021 Equity Special Representative Conference, the Equity Council proposed three motions which called for Rule changes. These three rule changes are now being put to a referendum for you to vote on as an Equity member. The three proposed changes you are voting on are:

  • The first proposed change would amend the name of the Members with Disabilities Councillor to the Deaf and Disabled Members Councillor.
  • The second proposed change would amend the name of the Minority Ethnic Members Councillor to the Race Equality Councillor.

In both cases, these changes would bring the names in line with the names of Equity’s Committees.

  • The third proposed change would add an additional Council seat in the Northern Area of England. This would mean that there would be one Councillor for the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Area and one Councillor for the North West Area.

All three proposed Rule changes were put to the 2021 Equity Special Representative Conference by the Council. They were all approved by more than a two-thirds majority of representatives at the Conference, but they can only be changed by a referendum of the Equity membership.

The Council is therefore urging members to vote “Yes” to all three questions in this referendum.

You can download more information on the rule changes, including statements for and against each question, here.

Please use your vote — your participation is important. Make sure you vote by 12 noon on Friday 3 December 2021, when the poll closes.

How to vote

All members are eligible to vote by post or online.

Online voting

You will receive an email on 5 November from Popularis. If you have not received the email by Monday 8 November, please check your spam folder.

This email will provide a link to vote online. After clicking the link, you will be asked to enter your membership number. You can find your membership number in the email from Popularis Ltd and also on your Equity card. If you do not know your membership number, contact

Postal votes

Postal ballots are being sent with the Equity magazine at the end of the week commencing 1 November.

If you have any issues or questions contact

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