West and South West London Branch Committee Election 2021-2022

Please find below a list of the candidates for the West and South West London Branch Committee 2021-2022. Details have been provided of each candidates proposer, seconder and their election statement.

James Newall
Su Gilroy

"I have been serving on the W&SW Branch Committee for several years now and have been proud to be involved with such a dedicated and hard working team. I tend to be a back room girl, taking on many of the grassroots and not so high profile jobs to keep the wheels well oiled for those dealing with the more upfront responsibilities. Having said that, I was an early recruit on the play reading team and remain an active team member. The readings have gone from strength to strength and have become increasingly popular, especially as a defence against the lack of communication and the restrictions of the pandemic. This committee is a pleasure to be a part of and I would be delighted to be re-elected in order to. help to continue the work of supporting our members."

Proposer James Newall
Seconder Su Gilroy

"Following two fab and fulfilling years on the West and South West London branch committee, I’m asking you for another. 2020 has been a tough, challenging year for us all, and whilst I remain hopeful for our industry’s future, I’m keen to put pressure on those in positions of power who appear to only now be recognising the lack of respect so often afforded to freelance artists to move from brief acknowledgements on Twitter towards taking active steps to change this culture once and for all when our industry reopens. It’s been humbling watching my fellow committee members work tirelessly to maintain some normality for our branch this year by continuing to hold regular online meetings and events, and I’ve loved keeping you updated and informed of these in our monthly newsletters, which I’d happily continue creating, should you vote for me to serve you on the 2021 committee."

Proposer Timothy Block
Seconder Paddy Cooper

"I am standing to serve on the W & SW Branch Committee. I would like to support this Branch with events, activities and campaigns. I have serve on various committees and moved motions at the TUC Women's Conference. I have great concerns for the future of our industry with the lockdown of Covid. In order to come through these turbulent times we need to work together. Please support my Vote."

Proposer James Newall
Seconder Alexandra Donnachie

"This was my second year as Chair of the branch, and what a year. We’ve taken the branch online, with meetings, play readings, rehearsed readings, auditions, events and more, all on Zoom. The Committee and other members have worked really hard to ensure your branch has been there for you, and to support the campaigning that Equity has been doing. I would love the opportunity to take the branch into 2021 with a sense of optimism. I very much hope things will return to ‘normal’ in the near future, but nothing will be quite the same and we must be prepared to take with us the lessons we have learned this year. I feel I’m able to represent all members; I’m a director but have worked in TV, variety, TIE, stage management and production and have been an Equity member since 1979. Stay well, stay safe, and please vote!"

Proposer Clive Greenwood
Ayvianna Snow

"A highlight for me this year was working on the virtual Tolpuddle festival with Su Gilroy and the great team who read my script “The Watchword Liberty”. I think there is great potential for more collaborations like this between branches, which I would work towards as a committee member."

Sarah Agha
Miranda Heath

"I am an Actress/Singer/Writer and Branch Member for five years. I love our Branch and that it is made up of industry veterans, young drama school graduates, as well as other in-betweeners like myself. Having served on the Committee for 2 years now, I am proud to have revived Rehearsed Readings; forging relationships with award-winning Creatives like Diana Atouna (Royal Court, George Devine Award), Leanna Brodie (Playwrights Guild of Canada), Jack Paterson (Cole Foundation Award for Emerging Translators), Mahad Ali (Bruntwood Prize, Theatre 503). Additionally, helping to create and run the Branch Instagram Page has brought me joy because it has acted as a source of reassurance for some of our Members during this trying year of 2020. We have amassed over 500 followers in the space of a few months. Please elect me so that I continue this good work and continue to offer a diverse voice."

Proposer George Staines
Seconder Andrew Macbean

"Joining the WSW London branch, long after I became an Equity member, opened my eyes to what the union actually did and a larger sense of community and empowerment. Which is why I agreed to be co-opted to the branch committee this year to organise Audition Days. After a challenging start, I've lined up a couple of good opportunities over the last few months and look forward to building on this since it's of such use to members. That's why I'm asking for your vote for the branch committee. I've also got numerical skills that go beyond whipping up AGM feasts on tight budgets and I'm one of a strange breed of people that actually like spreadsheets, which may come in useful as back-up for treasury matters. So please consider me for one of your votes for branch committee this year."

Proposer Su Gilroy
Seconder George Staines

"2020 has been an exceptionally hard year for everyone in the entertainment industry and keeping connected to colleagues via Equity has been such an important part of staying on top of things & in touch with support and advice. We have a new general secretary who is adamant about the need for better communication, transparency and much more direct & immediate access to help within the union. I support that fully. I have been Vice chair of the branch committee for two years now and think we are still working well together as a team, but there are greater challenges than ever ahead and I want to be there to help. An actor who doesn’t listen is not much good at their job. We need everyone in our industry & Equity to listen to each other, only then can we make constructive progress."

Proposer Provence Mayhew
Seconder Ayvianna Snow

"Dear Member, once again may I ask for your vote in the upcoming W&SW London Branch committee election, please? As most of you know, I am the current Treasurer for the branch and if elected would be pleased to carry on in this necessary, if somewhat backroom, post. (There is an indication from the current ‘mob’ that they’d like that too!) Despite this horrid, horrid year, our finances are in good order, if slightly less complex than normal, since our physical activities have been curtailed. Our Branch is very active, working hard and well, to continue supporting our immediate membership and Equity as a whole, ranging from lively Branch Meetings, Zoom of course, to passing our annual Branch Funding to the Benevolent Fund, and play readings, and rehearsed readings and most of our usual activities. Thanks – it is an honour and a pleasure to help the interests of our members."

Proposer George Staines
Seconder Su Gilroy

"In 2018-2019 I was in charge of organising audition days and I co-ordinated twenty audition days for members, creating new opportunities to find work. I was instrumental in developing the Festival Films Agreement; a new contract aimed at the low budget film industry. I hope to take this initiative further next year by promoting the Agreement to producers. In January I became Branch Secretary. As such, I have been closely involved with steering the branch through this time of crisis. I handle the branch’s communications and will represent the branch at this year’s SRC. I am proud of what the branch has achieved this year; we continued to hold meetings and play readings throughout the lockdowns, which gave members a creative outlet and sense of normality. I am hopeful next year will be a brighter year for us all and I hope you will allow me to continue serving you."

Proposer Ayvianna Snow
Seconder Marika Rauscher

"My Equity name is Mimi Tizzano. I currently serve on the Singers committee, Thames Variety and TUC, LESE CLI Committee. Over the past two years I have really grown to love this Branch. I love the energy and passion from the committee and I would cherish the opportunity to bring my passion, knowledge and strengths to the branch and the committee. I've been in the entertainment Industry professionally since the age of 5 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in theatre, film, TV, Musical Theatre and the recording industry, both in the UK and USA. As a mildly Autistic and disabled Equity member, performer and producer, my struggles and discrimination I’ve faced has given me the strength to be able to help and support other members. I feel I have much to offer Please VOTE for Me....me ☺ Many thanks."