Bullying & Harassment

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work and hostile behaviour should not be tolerated. Equity is committed to both helping those who have endured bullying, threats or attacks, and to changing our industry's culture to stop perpetrators, and to let them know that they will be held accountable for their actions. Download a quick guide to bullying & harassment and also find out more about:

Agenda for Change

Safe Spaces campaign

Bullying: What You Can Do Guide

Stalking: Read our guide for sources of support

Mental Health Resources

Members can report incidents to our Bullying and Harassment Helpline (020 7670 0268) and receive advice on what to do in their situation. They can also email us on harassment@equity.org.uk. Members can also use these contacts with concerns about their mental health. 

In the wake of 2017's revelations about the entertainment industry's sexual harassment crisis, Equity released the Agenda for Change. The report details the union's demands for a safe working environment where members will not have to endure or observe sexual harassment. It sets out what we require from educators, engagers, venues, agents, boards and casting directors.

In 2018 the union also launched the Safe Spaces campaign, which empowers members to challenge and report inappropriate behaviour, knowing the union is always behind them.

Equity collaborates with other entertainment unions through the FEU (Federation of Entertainment Unions). Together, we run Creating Without Conflict, a joint campaign on bullying in the worlds of media, arts and entertainment. This campaign has led to a survey, two conferences and the creation of various reports and materials.  

It has also revealed the creative industries to be 'hotspots' of bullying, with many saying they had been bullied, harassed or discriminated against in all kinds of workplaces. The research clearly showed that being a member of a union was more likely to lead to a successful outcome when challenging this behaviour. 

We are now working with these fellow unions to focus on the issue of sexual harassment, and more information about this will be forthcoming.