Aesthetic Labour and Body shaming

If you feel you have experienced discrimination at work, speak to the Equity official who looks after your sector - you can find their details on our contact page. If you're not sure who to speak to call 020 7379 6000.

Aesthetic labour

Aesthetic labour is defined as the time, money, and energy spent by entertainment workers to make themselves appear suitable’ to seek and engage in professional work.

Increasingly, performers are sharing concerns about the pressures they face in relation to their appearance and the policing of their bodies. Making an Appearance, a report conducted by the Equity Womens Committee and Royal Holloway University, surveyed Equity members on the issue. Gender, age and race were all felt to increase pressure on appearance.

Read the Making an Appearance report

Body shaming

Body shaming can be a form of discrimination or bullying. It's the deliberate humiliation of someone by making mocking or defamatory comments about their body shape or size. Body shaming is a form of bullying and is unacceptable in the workplace. In certain instances, body shaming can constitute discrimination, which is illegal. Members who experience body shaming have a right to report any body shaming they experience from any individual they work with.

For more information on body shaming visit The Mix

Experienced discrimination?

Contact Equity if you've experienced discrimination at work.

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