Guidance on intimacy, nudity and sex scenes

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Intimacy and Nudity

Your rights when it comes to intimacy and nudity, and how to handle sex scenes at work.

Speak to Equity

If you have a question or concern about intimacy or nudity, call us on 020 7379 600 or speak to the Equity Official for your sector. Find their details on our contact us page.

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Best practice guidelines

We know that performers have had concerns and worries when performing intimate scenes in the past. To ensure your welfare, Equity has worked closely with Intimacy for Stage and Screen (ISS) to develop a set of best practice guidelines. The guidelines provide advice and guidance for performers and allied technical workers.



No sex act should be requested at any audition. A performer should not be requested to undress in whole or in part unless a mutually agreed observer is present

Find more casting and audition advice in our manifesto for casting

Take a look at Equity's casting questions card on fairness in casting

Nudity clauses

Equity collective agreements are designed to keep members safe and comfortable when rehearsing or performing intimate or nude scenes. We build safeguards into  collective agreements when we negotiate them with employers or production companies.

Nudity clauses vary across agreements. If you have a question about an agreement speak to the Equity Official for your sector. Find their contact details on our contact us page.

Issues related to intimacy and nudity


What to do if you are experiencing bullying or harassment in the workplace.

Health and safety

Your employer has a duty of care for your health and safety — both physical and mental. 

High-risk workplaces

Advice for those working in non-traditional or high risk workplaces.

Legal Support

All full Equity members are entitled to free legal advice regarding your work in the entertainment industry.

Non-disclosure agreements

Advice on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). NDAs should never prevent you from reporting sexual harassment or other inappropriate behaviour.

Sexual harassment

What to do if you're being harassed or sexually harassed. 

Further resources

Bectu Union's resources

We will be publishing Bectu’s Intimacy guidance in May. This has been the written work of the full community including members from all UK organisations. 

Private Companies offering resources, trainings and workshops in the UK

Equity guides and documents

We’re calling on everyone in the industry to work together to create a culture shift. The documents below outline the campaigns and resources created by Equity to support members on issues related to intimacy and nudity.