Organisations fighting for gender equality

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Other Campaigns and Organisations

By working together, we can change things. Take a look at these campaigns and organisations fighting for gender equality and supporting women in the creative industries.

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AWA DANCE (Advancing Women's Aspirations with Dance)

AWA Dance support all women and girls in the UK dance sector, offering a platform for them to become the leaders they want to be.

ERA 50:50

Campaigning for 50:50 gender balance across state and screen.

Mothers Who Make

Initiative to support mothers who are artists.

Parents in Performing Arts

Working for a performing arts industry inclusive of parents and carers.

Power Play

Using data activism to combat gender inequality in theatre.

Raising Films

Organisation working for best practice for parents and carers in TV and film.


A not-for-profit online platform and peer support community which helps performers maintain a healthy mind throughout their careers. They provide practical guidance, access to inspirational content and connection with experts or other performers with shared experiences.


Advocating and inspiring women in the arts through productions, conferences and research.

Time's Up

Organisation calling for safe, fair and dignified work for everyone.

The State of the Arts

The State of the Arts covers culture and politics from northern England, and provides space for the discussion ideas, thoughts, people and events that help shape our cultural and political landscape.


Supporting theatre and the arts to achieve greater gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Women in Film and Television

Women in Film and Television (WFTV) is an organisation for women in creative media, with workshops, networking events, and additional resources to support female workers both on and offscreen.

Women's Equality Party

The Women’s Equality Party is a movement for equal representation in politics, business, industry and throughout working life.