Get help if you're being sexually harassed

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can have a deeply damaging affect on women's working lives. Find out more about sexual harassment and how to report it on this page. 

Reporting sexual harassment to Equity

Speak to us if you have concerns about behavior you have experienced or witnessed at work, or at a potential workplace. You can call our switchboard on 020 7379 6000. Or you can speak directly to the Equity Official covering your sector by finding their details on our contact page

Mental health support

As an Equity member, you can have six free counselling services through the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine. If you’re experiencing mental health issues related to sexual harassment, get in touch with BAPAM to access free counselling.

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What is sexual harassment?

The Equality Act 2010 defines sexual harassment as “when someone makes you feel humiliated, offended or degraded because they treat you in a sexual way. This is known as 'unwanted conduct of a sexual nature' and covers verbal and physical treatment, like sexual comments or jokes, touching, or assault. It also covers sending emails of a sexual nature, or putting up pornographic pictures.”

Find out more about legal definitions of sexual harassment

Issues related to sexual harassment


Body-shaming can be a form of discrimination or bullying.


Equity's guidance on bullying. 

Domestic violence support

Getting help if you are experiencing domestic abuse, or are concerned that someone else might be.

High-risk work and workplaces

Advice for working in non-traditional or high-risk workplaces. 

Intimacy and nudity

Equity's guidance for best practice and what to expect during the casting process.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Advice on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Safe spaces statement

We ask companies to demonstrate their commitment to creating spaces free of bullying and harassment by reading our safe spaces statement at the beginning of a production’s rehearsal period.


Resources and guidance if you're being stalked. If you are being stalked or think someone is developing stalking behaviour around you, contact the police immediately. Call 999 in an emergency, otherwise call 101 and the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300.

Staying safe online

Guidance for navigating the online aspects of work. 

Further resources

External organisations offering support on sexual harassment and related issues. 

Acas Guide to Bullying and Harassment

Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) provides free and impartial information and advice on all aspects of workplace relations and employment law.

Ask for Angela

Ask for Angela is a police initiative for safety in venues and bars. If you feel unsafe, go to the bar and #AskforAngela.

Casting Directors' Guild - reporting harassment

If you have concerns about a casting, contact the Casting DirectorsGuild. You can submit a complaint on their website.

Federation of Entertainment Unions

The Federation of Entertainment Union have created a guide to dealing with bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Domestic violence and rape support

Government Domestic Violence Guidance

Find out how to get help if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse.


The J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse and assist survivors and victims to seek the help they so desperately need.

Rape Crisis England & Wales

Rape Crisis England & Wales is the umbrella body for a network of independent Rape Crisis Centres. Centres provide specialist support and services for victims and survivors of sexual violence.

Rape Crisis Scotland 

Advice, support and a network of Rape Crisis Centres in Scotland.

Rape Crisis Northern Ireland 

Support service for anyone who has experienced rape or serious sexual assault.

Women’s Aid

Womens Aid provide life-saving services to women experiencing domestic abuse. They work to build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated.

Equity guides and documents

We’re calling on everyone in the industry to work together to create a culture shift. The documents below outline the campaigns and resources created by Equity to help combat harassment within the industry and support members.

  • Agenda for Change
    Equity's manifesto for a safe working environment for all.
  • Bullying and harassment guide
    Equity's guidance on bullying and harassment. 
  • Manifesto for casting 
    Equity's guidance for best practice and what to expect during the casting process. 
  • Safe Spaces
    No-one should be made to feel unsafe in their workplace. Safe Spaces is Equity's campaign to see that our members are respected.