If you are on a higher or further education course lasting at least one year that is preparing you for work as a performer or creative practioner, you can become an Equity Student Member as soon as you start your course.

Join now

The current cost of Student Membership can be found on our subscription rates page. We’ll reserve your professional name, give you access to your local Equity branch, and help you to develop your business skills with regular FEU training at workshops around the country and online. In addition you’ll receive £2 million worth of Public Liability Insurance, and you’ll be invited to exclusive student member events around the UK.

Think of Equity student membership as a kick-start into the profession. It will help you build networks and communities beyond your course, and give you access to information and advice on your chosen profession (both on our website and in our branches) that you simply won’t get elsewhere.

By joining Equity you are taking an important step in your career. You are becoming part of an organisation with strong influence and nearly eight decades’ experience of successfully protecting the rights of artists and, when you finish your studies, the next step is to move into full Equity membership. This gives you a strong voice within your profession and access to a bigger range of membership benefits.

Other Benefits

Equity Bursary Scheme: Two annual awards of £500. Students are proposed by their tutors.

Shaping the organisation: By becoming an Equity Student Deputy, you can help influence the organisation by attending events, submitting motions to our Council and even attending our Annual Conference! To find out more email

Discounts: Discounts on various items relevant to performers e.g. entry to venues.

Professional Development: Eligibility to apply to join the Actors’ Centre in London and to make use of all our free resources at

Getting Involved: Invitations to attend Equity events for practical tips, advice and networking.

Campaigning: We campaign vigorously and productively on national, local and specialist issues and we have a strong track record of success. Equity is able to lobby government and other influential bodies on matters such as arts funding, the BBC, tax status, artistic freedom, piracy and many other subjects affecting our members. 

Your next move

On graduation, you are entitled to move into graduate membership of Equity immediately.

This offers all the benefits of Full Membership, but with a 50% subscription fee discount. You can learn more about the benefits of membership here.