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Save BBC Birmingham

20 October 2011

What You Can Do to Save BBC Birmingham

Tell other people about this page, send them a link.

No matter where you are in the Midlands, there are many things you could do to help save BBC Birmingham, it won't take up too much of your time. Go on, do it for the city and this great region. You will get replies to any emails or letters that you send and your views will be registered. But do it now, because if it goes, it's gone forever...

The proposal to move most TV and radio programme making from the Midlands is hidden away in one bullet point at the bottom of page 18 of the so called 'Delivering Quality First' review. Prepared by BBC management, the review and its proposals have now been presented (October 2011) to the BBC Trust for their consideration.

To find out more, take a look at these two threads on the "Save BBC Birmingham" website:

What's happening in the Midlands


'Why the BBC proposals are wrong for the Midlands'


Many people simply do not know that the BBC are planning to cut national network TV and radio production in the Midlands. The national media do not cover Midlands news as well as they do for London or some other regions, so it's down to you: Tell all your friends, neighbours, workmates and relatives. Don't stop there, if you are a member of any type of club / association or body then raise the subject. Tell your contacts about this website ( Tell them there is a page on there called "What you can do..."


This is much easier than you might think. Go to this very useful website (run by a charity and supported by the Deputy Prime Minister's office), give them your postcode and there you have it, all your local councillors and MP's names are listed:

They make it easy... just click on any of the names and a form will appear. If you fill that in and make your point, the site will send it to them directly for you. Easy. Only takes a minute or two.

For your councillor, you might like to suggest that your local council pass a motion condemning the cutbacks and that they contact The BBC Trust and the Culture Secretary (see below). Likewise, tell your MP why it is important that all Midlands MP's make their views known (the impact on the economy and the profile of the whole region is something to mention). Maybe someone should be having a word with the Prime Minister too!


Jeremy Hunt may not be aware that the BBC have been making many cutbacks in the region for years. He may not know that there is no televsion studio these days in the Midlands at either the BBC or ITV. He will be concerned if Midlands licence payers think their region is being sidelined. He may wonder why the British Broadcasting Corporation is not representing England's second largest city or its second most important economic region. Mr. Hunt is a big believer in local television. He is a busy man and there are many other issues that arrive in his in-tray (not least the Olympics) so what is needed here is volume: many people speaking loudly in support of the Midlands. In this case, a written letter (the old fashioned way) will have more impact. Get the printer out for this one:

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport.
Department of Culture, Media and Sport.
2 - 4 Cockspur Street,
London. SW1Y 5DH.


The proposals to make cutbacks are now with the BBC Trust - they are independent of the management and meant to represent the needs of the licence payer. They want your views and you can submit them at their website. Go to:

Click on Section 4, Nations and Regions and tell the BBC Trust why you think the BBC should not be making any more cutbacks in the Midlands.


Mark Thompson is the head honcho. Send him a short email with 'Save BBC Birmingham' in the subject line. Tell him why you feel (as a licence payer) that the BBC should not only maintain their presence in your region, but also tell him if you think they should be doing more here. You might also want him to consider the impact on the BBC itself if it concentrates all of its activities in London and Manchester. After all, you pay the same licence fee (£145.50 per year) as everybody else. Will you feel more connected to the BBC if it makes yet more cuts here?


If you are really in the mood, why not write to the Media Page or Editor of your favourite daily or Sunday newspaper and let them know about the proposed cutbacks to the BBC in the Midlands. They too are probaby not all that aware of what is happening in the Midlands. They are always on the look out for a regional story. Or you could write a short letter to the Letters Page saying why you think it is a 'disgrace' that the BBC are making cutbacks in the region.

If you are on Twitter, start a discussion, inform your followers most of all, paste a link to this website for your followers to click on

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