Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation


Conk The Clown  -  Magic, Comedy, Clown, Balloons

Alec Powell  - Comedy Magic, Balloon Models, Punch and Judy, Games

Magic Parties  - Magic, Balloons, Fun & Games

Pat The Clown  -  Magic, Comedy, Clown, Balloons

Jilly Jellybean  -  Magic, Games, Balloons

Will e Droppit  -  Magic, Punch & Judy, Clown, Balloons

Magic Bob  - Magic, Balloons

CircusMash  -  Circus Parties

Ronnie Crackers - Magic, Balloon, Comedy, Punch & Judy, Puppets

Silkie The Entertainer  -  Magic, Comedy, Balloons, Mini Disco, Face Painting

Jimbos Magic  - Award winning children's entertainer



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