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Save Brighton Hippodrome

23 December 2013

The Brighton Hippodrome is in danger of conversion to a restaurant and seven cinemas. So great is the problem that that this historic theatre is now top of the Theatres Trust endangered list. If the conversion plans are passed this beautiful Matcham theatre will be lost forever as a change of use will surely follow. The conversion plans include the demolition of the stage area and the building of shops in the service area. Regarding the seven cinemas that are planned, if the conversion goes through, that will mean that Brighton will then have a complement of 26 cinemas.

The demolition of the stage would be nothing less than wanton vandalism removing from Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas the only stage capable mounting tours by major opera and ballet companies, and by large West End Musicals. We have had some very approving reactions from production companies if the theatre can be saved. Apart from depriving local arts organisations of a place to perform, this conversion will also take the theatre out of the small to medium conference market.

The members of Equity's Brighton and Sussex General Branch oppose the planned renovation not only for the reasons listed above but also because the planned conversion would mean the loss of possible work for members not only at local level but at national level too.

Please join us and sign the epetition  (Brighton and Hove City Council website).

 Thank you,

 Mjka Anne Scott


Brighton and Sussex General Branch

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