Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Are you subscribed to the branch's Newsletter?

The branch prepares a monthly newsletter as well as agendas and meeting notes - These can be found via the documents page.

If you would like to receive the newsletters, please follow these instructions:

Follow this link to the: Members' Area (or select from the top menu).

From this page you can either log in using your membership number and password, or you can register for the site.

Once you are logged in, you'll find yourself in the Members' Area.

Stage 1: Register with your branch

Click My Personal Details in the left-hand menu, followed by Interests.

On this page select ‘Yes’ to opt-in to participating in your local branch(es)

Then scroll down and click ‘Submit’ and you will return to the My Personal Details page.

Stage 2: Register for the Newsletter

To ensure you receive the newsletter, click Mailing Options in the left-hand menu.

On this page please tick the box 'Emails from my General Branch' and/or ‘Emails from My Variety Branch

Finally, click Submit. 

***Don't be left out of the loop!***
These newsletters are the future of branch communications, so please make sure that you register to receive them.